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Woman with glasses painting for the first time

Professional Artist Kits for Beginners: The More You Know

January 23, 2021

Ever dream about being an artist but don’t know where to begin? With so many paint sets, kits, and other enticing art mediums to try, it can be overwhelming for you to choose.
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woman painting paint by numbers landscape

Easy Paint by Numbers Instructions - Starter’s Guide

January 20, 2021

You’ve probably asked yourself, where to begin well we cooked up a list of things to remember, and some tips to make your artistic journey easier!
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Men women people in a picnic vintage photo

The Colorful Origin of Paint by Numbers Paint Sets

January 16, 2021

The 1950s was a time of rebirth, and with World War II ending 5 years earlier, the American people finally came upon peace, healing, and with more time in their hands. In this post-war “semi-renaissance” state, markets slowly rose again, the economy started recovering, and people started looking for new hobbies.  
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female hand painting a paint by numbers kit

Paint By Number Online: Scrap it or Try it?

January 13, 2021

Though with the easy availability of ready to use paint by number kits, some people still opt to make their very own custom paint by number canvas in the hopes of saving money. 
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Female Beginner Painter Painting


January 07, 2021

If you're thinking about learning how to paint or just want to have a good time, then you're in the right place!
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Acrylic paints in a tube

What Paint is Used in Paint by Numbers

December 13, 2020

A question you’ve probably asked before you began your first painting by numbers journey is what paint is used in paint by numbers . The most common answers that usually come to mind would be oil or acrylic paint, but there are significant differences between the two that’s worth taking note of.
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vintage portrait painting of a woman in a room

Vintage Painting Techniques to Incorporate in Your Next Project

December 07, 2020

Whether you’re someone who has a penchant for vintage items or just want to make your paintings look like they’ve aged for a while, these  vintage painting techniques  will give you the effect that you want. 
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Mother And Daughter Bonding And Enjoying Time Through Art

Paint by Numbers for Kids: Keeping Kids Creative

November 28, 2020

Children love working with their hands, and getting them  Paint by Numbers for Kids  will keep them artistic for hours. Given that creating art doesn’t have any limits when it comes to age, you might even find yourself enjoying the painting process along with your little one. With the simplicity of paint by numbers, it’s definitely an activity that you can enjoy together with your children. 
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woman painting paint by numbers landscape

Capture Your Favorite Memories into Art through Painting by Numbers

November 25, 2020

Painting by numbers  is an amazing way to relax and improve your creative skills along the way. Whether you are a skilled artist or just a beginner, you can easily complete a painting by following a simple set of instructions. With just a few brush strokes combined with your playful imagination, your blank canvas will slowly take form and turn into a stunning picture.
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woman happily painting on her desk

A Useful Guide on How to Do Paint by Numbers

November 18, 2020

Learning   how to do  paint by numbers   is a process that everyone can learn, and the good thing about it is that the guidelines are generally easy to follow.
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woman in brown shirt holding brush and improving painting

How to Make Paint by Numbers Look Better

November 16, 2020

If you’re the kind of person who wants to leave a lasting impression through your art, then buckle up because you’ll learn how to make paint by numbers look better in this article.

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woman holding brush painting custom paint by numbers with acrylic paints

Paint by Numbers for Beginners: The Basics

November 13, 2020

If this is your first time painting one of these kits, then this article is perfect for you. Of course, we know  that beginning your painting journey can be tough – there’s so much to learn and a lot of ways to learn them. But hey, we got you covered! In this article, we will go over some basic tips and tricks for you
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