Creative Hobbies that You Should Try this 2022

Creative Hobbies that You Should Try this 2022

New year, new hobbies to pursue. While there are long term hobbies that you simply cannot just quit because you’re passionate about them, it’s not bad to try some new pastime activities that may be out of your comfort zone to help you acquire new skills and knowledge. You might wonder how a lot of creative people get inspired and motivated in creating artworks or mastering their craft. The secret to the endless flow of creativity is getting occupied with something to do. For most creatives, they opt to immerse themselves in different pastime activities that will sharpen their cognitive functions, hone their abilities, and make their time useful by being productive. So, instead of spending the majority of your time on social  media, streaming sites, or online shops, why not put a twist on your schedule and do something worthwhile, especially for this year? Try to be more creative and step it up a notch by immersing yourself into different offices for creative people that you can try this year as a part of your New year's resolution or bucket. Even though you don't consider yourself to be a highly creative person, this skill will eventually bloom if you practice enough and put some time and effort into it. So, if you're interested to see a list of hobbies for creative people to try, just continue reading this article to find out more! 

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have very good artistic skills or enough mastery to begin a craft. What truly matters is that you try and you enjoy the process of creating something because skills and mastery will come afterwards—it comes with patience, dedication, perseverance, and effort. Moreover, all beginners simply have to start somewhere even though they feel clueless to begin with. Because as you spend more and more time on your hobby, that’s the time when you’ll discover your gifts and talents, acquire new skills, learn new knowledge, and information about yourself. 

How many times have you told yourself that you’ll start a new hobby as a part of your New Year’s resolution where you actually started one in the beginning and eventually gave up in the midst of it? A lot of people don't feel guilty about it, especially if you’re willing to change the habit this time. Don’t just say it because it’s the beginning of a new year, rather, think of it as a change that will significantly boost your physical and mental health while also bringing you emotional stability, sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, and confidence. With that, let’s take a look at the hobbies for creative people that will help you become a better person cognitively, psychologically, physically, and emotionally, so let’s get started!

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Hobbies for Creative People that You Should Try this Year

  1. Reading:

    Let’s start the list with something a lot of people find boring but is actually one of the secrets to long-term creativity and an endless source of inspiration. Many people believe that artistry and mastery to a particular craft can only be achieved when you do the endeavor first hand. While this is true to some extent, the truth is, books are also a great teacher… and a source of inspiration as well. It will help you decode the lives and history of many artists and the secrets behind their painting. Moreso, books will provide you a path to the rabbit hole of creative thinking which can help you create new things, discover endless possibilities, and innovate things that need improvement. Reading takes you to different worlds and you are bound to live a thousand lives in different personas.

    So as a challenge, make a list of the books that you want to read for the year. If you’re not much of an avid reader, start with something light, just some books with not more than 250 pages so that you won’t be in a state of boredom. Reread the classics they’ve taught you back in high school, your childhood favorite fairytale, a book from your favorite movie adaptation, biography of your favorite person, and the list goes on.

  2. Painting:

    Painting is getting more and more popular as years go by thanks to affordable painting kits, art lessons, and the rise of digital art where you can start painting on your smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Used to be a hobby for the privileged, educated, and talented, painting is not just one of the top hobbies for creative people these days as it is being used as a way for stress relief, relaxation, improvement, and skill development, even for non-artists. So, if you feel like you don’t know how to paint, just remember that it can be learned even without going to art school. All you need is the basic painting materials, dedication, and a couple of internet tutorials. Or, if you’re willing to pay extra bucks, you can also pay for online masterclasses where you can learn how to paint from known artists worldwide specialized in abstract expressionism, impressionism, realism, and renaissance painting.

    As a challenge, start your year with a paint by numbers kit that you can purchase from online websites like MiiCreative or at the arts and crafts store. It will teach you the basic fundamental concepts in painting such as color placement, brushwork, color theory, light and dark values, and so much more.

  3. Playing instruments:

    At some point, we all wanted to be musicians all due to our favorite bands, rockstars, and pop stars. We sang along to karaoke, dreamed to play an instrument just like our idols, went to concerts, gigs, and orchestras. Even though you may feel that you’re far from being a rock or pop star, that doesn’t mean that you should not try to learn how to play some instruments. Surely, your home must have an instrument to play with. If not, you can borrow fro, a close friend or relative then start practicing.

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  4. Mood boarding:

    Mood boards are a popular method of putting random scraps, junks, and random objects such as magazine cutouts, newspaper clippings, fallen leaves and flowers, fabric scraps, old photographs, etc. and putting it on a board as a source of inspiration for your next art project.

  5. Writing:

    One of the best hobbies for creative people that is simple yet effective to make your flow of thoughts cohesive is writing. Whether you write fiction, non-fiction, prose, or poetry, writing will help you stay creative and it will also help you reflect on your daily life, stay on track with your schedule, and the best part is that you have a safe place to put your feelings and emotions– all in a single notebook that you don’t have to show to anyone.

Final Words

Pastime activities are definitely worth your time, so if you’re looking for something that will help you destress or bust your boredom, then incorporating these types of pursuits in your daily schedule can help you with that. Which of these hobbies for creative people appeal to you the most? Which activity will you try first? Share this article with your friends to help them discover their creativity and don’t forget to let us know if you’ll try any of these soon! Have fun!

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