5 Things Which Influence Art

5 Things Which Influence Art

We talk a lot about what art influences in our lives, but do you know what influences art? In this article, we list the 5 things which influence art. Let us know what you think of these influences and if you’ve ever experienced any of these instances. 

Previous articles of ours have discussed how art holds influence in our lives, and why it’s necessary for our survival, but in this article, we list the 5 things which influence art. Have you ever wondered about what influences artists to create art? 

We know that it’s a great outlet to express feelings, but other than a tool for expression, what makes an artist want to create? Every artist is different, but we’re going to list things generally. If you want more in-depth influences, we think that you should look more into the artist you’re curious about to know more. 

Aside from that, we think that knowing about what influences artists may also be a way to influence budding artists to start their journey in art. We know that getting into art may seem pretty intimidating at first, but if you have the right goal and determination to keep going, you’re going to get some quality artwork. 

Don’t be too hard on yourself if your first pieces aren’t masterpieces. Art is different for everyone, and we think that with practice, you can yield results that will be satisfactory. Let us know what you think of the things that influence art.

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Why Does Art Need Influence?

Before going into the 5 things which influence art, we want to talk about why art needs influence. Influence plays a big role in how we decide on things. We are more likely to choose something if we know that someone that influences us favors that, and art is the same way. Some artists have been influenced by people or things, and that allows them to create their art. 

Other artists may also disclose that they need chemical substances to influence their art because they feel like they’re able to create more when they’re under the influence. Either way, art like all things is a decision. Most decisions are solidified by certain influences, which is why art also needs influence to be able to really express what’s happening with the artist. 

If you are a budding artist, just know that anything can influence your art, and how you express it is completely up to you. 

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5 Things Which Influence Art

Now that we have discussed why art needs influence, let’s talk about the 5 things which influence art: 

  1. A favorite place: As we have mentioned, anything can influence art and that includes your favorite place. If you have a place that allows you to breathe and take a break, that same place can also influence your art.

  2. Your significant other: Whether you have a lover or a favorite friend, they can play a significant role in how you create art and what you create. A lot of artists dedicate their work to their muses, and oftentimes, these were their lovers.

  3. A childhood memory: Some artists have mentioned that their first masterpieces were influenced by childhood memories. These memories may be good or bad, but still, artists have found a way to make these memories beautiful in their own way. It’s also another way to preserve a good memory.

  4. Favorite food: This is for those of you who love food, but your favorite meal can also influence your art. You can either be influenced by the color palette of the food, or even try to incorporate the texture in your artwork.

  5. Your favorite artist: Like other influencers, you can also be influenced by your favorite artist. In fact, your favorite artist can play a big part in how you create your art and even your art style. 


Influence plays a big part in how we present ourselves to the world, and the same can be said about our art. Since your art is an extension of who you are, it would make sense that how you live your life would influence your art style and artworks. We hope that you enjoyed learning more about the 5 things which influence art and that you’re able to take away more about how you create your art. 

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