Custom Art Kits You Must Try for the Year 2022

Custom Art Kits You Must Try for the Year 2022

Have you thought about doing something relaxing and fun that you can enjoy at home either alone, with family or friends without compromising your productivity? Well, there is so much more to life than holding our phones, binge watching movies and TV series on Netflix, laying down in bed, and sleeping. Life is so much better if you do something for yourself that will help you acquire new skills that are very useful in the present or future. Think about the year 2022 and your goals. Particularly self-improvement goals. Do you wanna start a new hobby? Learn new skills? Master your arts and craftsmanship? Well, all these may not be all too easy as there are a little bit of challenges that come along the way but those are actually the fun part. To help you get started on the road of self-improvement and creative journey, we have listed the best custom art kits you must try for the year 2022. They’re affordable, fun to make, and the end results are giftable and usable! 

Since the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, custom art kits have been a big hit because they’ve provided people with extra tasks during the days of quarantine and hard lockdowns. It took the minds of people somewhere off reality and it kept them sane. Thus, custom art kits provide great entertainment for everyone regardless of skills and age. These are things that they can mail to their special loved ones during special occasions or just a way of saying thank you for remembering them in simple ways. With the pandemic crisis starting to subside and as we slowly get our normal lives back for the better, our busy schedule that leaves no room for hobbies and self-improvement tends to destroy our mental health. If there is something that stringent quarantine protocols have taught us amidst the global crisis, it would be that we should take care of ourselves and take some time off for self-care and hobbies because our mental health well-being should not be overlooked– it is just as important as our physical and emotional health. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best custom art kits you must try this 2022 to give yourself some time to rest, destress, relax, have fun, and learn.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

Editor’s Choice: Custom Art Kits You Must Try

  1. Soap making kits:

    The art and crafting of homemade soaps was a big hit over the past few years because it’s meditative, affordable, and the best part is that it is highly customizable. From the shapes, sizes, colors, fragrance, designs, essential oils, and flowers, everything you put is up to your preference. If aromatherapy is your favorite form of therapy as a way to destress and relax yourself during stressful moments, then making your own soaps then taking a bath afterwards can be a great stress buster for you as it combines your favorite things.

  2. Hanging garden kits:

    Putting plants inside your home is necessary because it can help in improving the oxygen circulation and air quality inside your house. It is just as important as having plants outside your house. You may think that you do not have a green thumb or you’re not a plant mother but it is only a matter of practice, patience, and proper care to grow your hanging garden at your home. They’re low maintenance and don’t require a lot of attention as long as you water them properly. Thus, hanging gardens add an extra aesthetic in your home, especially if you are into florals and modern sleek interiors. For an extra beauty and shine, add fairy lights in your hanging garden but place it properly to make sure that they won’t get wet when you water down the plants.

  3. Soy candle-making kits:

    Soy candles are great vegan alternatives to regular candles because they're less toxic and the smoke it produces is much cleaner compared to regular ones. Thus, compared to candles made from paraffin, soy candles produce less soot and toxic chemicals which is perfect when you have kids at home or people with asthma. Whether you're a newbie or an experienced candlemaker, candle-making kits made out of soy makes it simple for everyone to fill their homes with the lovely aroma and shine of handcrafted candles! Most kits available online  included step-by-step directions to ensure a stress-free candle-making adventure with long-lasting results that are perfect for aromatherapy or a gift for friends or relatives who are candle collectors.

    Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

  4. Hand lettering kits:

    Hand writing is quite popular right now! We see it in a lot of artworks, stones, birthday or christmas cards, throw cushions, clothing, and so forth. These days, you have every resource you need to perfect the art of hand lettering no matter how tidy or sloppy your handwriting is - simply try hand lettering kits and you're bound to make something wonderful. With enough practice and perseverance, you may perfect a new skill by experimenting with line weights, pressure, upstrokes, and downstrokes by utilizing materials included in hand lettering kits such as brush markers, watercolor brushes, gel pens, and stencils.

  5. Custom Paint by Numbers:

    One of the custom art kits you must try for the year 2022 is the Custom Paint by Numbers of MiiCreative. Paint by Numbers kits have been all the rage since the pandemic began because it made creating beautiful paintings accessible to everyone no matter how unskilled or untalented they are when it comes to painting. These kits sparked the creativity out of everybody and it truly shows that everyone can be a great artist regardless of educational background and training in art. You may use MiiCreative to upload your own image and transform it into a Paint by Numbers.

    The kit is completely customizable and contains a set that includes a pre-printed canvas, three brushes, and paint colors, with the quantity of colors determined by how easy or realistic you want the painting to be. For extra fun, you can choose your favorite category: Pop Art, Diamond Painting, Royal Pets, or Paint by Numbers depending on the style you want for your kit. For more information about the kit, click here to go to the website.

  6. Custom Diamond Painting Kits:

    Diamond painting, a mix between a custom paint by numbers kit and a cross stitch, is a method to reconnect- to revitalize your senses, to create a fresh feeling of being mindful in the present instead of thinking about the past and the future, and to nourish your spirit by making something genuinely magnificent that you can display in your own house.

Final Insights

Arts and crafts may appear to you to be a childlike pastime, but even as an adult, they may provide joy and entertainment to bust the boredom, and may even provide you with something to show at home (or send to a faraway friend or family member in need of happiness). We hope that this list of custom art kits you must try for the year 2022 will help you acquire a new set of skills while providing you with healthy ways to cope with the daily stress of life.

Have fun crafting! We hope that you try everything on the list and don’t forget to tell us which one of the list of the custom art kits you must try you enjoy the most.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit