Painting 101: Art Influences For Beginners

Painting 101: Art Influences For Beginners

Being new to art can be intimidating if you’re an artist trying to find the perfect influence. A lot of people are worried that their art would not live up to what they expect it to be, but you don’t need to worry. In this article, we list art influences for beginners. We hope this makes it easier for you to create art. 

A lot of artists say that their art is inspired by multiple things. They can be influenced by people, places, things, memories, weather, and even other artwork. If you’re an aspiring artist, or you want to get into the creative business, you may want to look into your own influences. 

However, we know that finding something to inspire you can be difficult, so here are some art influences for beginners. It may be challenging to create your own art, but once you know what or who influences your art, it’ll be easier for you to start on your art journey. 

If you don't feel confident in your painting skills yet, you may want to try paint-by-number kits. They come with numbered guides and paint that corresponds with the number so you don’t have to come up with an image on your own, and you don’t buy paint you don’t need. 

What’s great about these kits is that there are some kits that are inspired by the great artists. So, if you want to paint like Vincent Van Gogh or Monet, then you may want to check out these kits. 

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Why Do Artists Need Influence?

Before getting into different art influences for beginners, we’re going to tell you why artists need influence. We cannot deny that influence controls a lot of aspects in our lives. We follow different kinds of people who have influences in our lives on social media, and we glorify politicians who we think have the best influence, as well. 

Artists, like regular non-creative people also need influences because you learn your skills and styles from looking at other artists who inspire you. However, some artists are more influenced by feelings often induced by other substances. Either way, influences have a knack for helping us find our style and shape the artwork we create. 

The best thing is, you can also be your own influence when it comes to finding your style in art. 

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Art Influences For Beginners

Now that we’ve covered why artists need influences, let’s get some art influences for beginners. Some of these influences may seem like regular things and places, but artists find beauty in mundane things. Here are some art influences if you’re new to art:

  1. A Moment: Some artists say that they were able to create masterpieces in their childhood because of a moment they experienced during their childhood.

  2. A Muse: A lot of figure artists have talked about their muses being an influence on their artwork. If you look at renaissance paintings, you’ll find a lot of women being painted in some habitats where they look amazing.

  3. Your Favorite Place: Even your favorite place can inspire you if you spend a lot of time there. Most often if you spend time in a cafe, you can be inspired by the patrons, the food, and the colors.

  4. Your cherished memories: Memories have always been a big influence in shaping a human's identity as a person. Your memory can also help you influence your artwork.

  5. Your favorite food: Like moments and memories, all food can be an influence of your artwork. Some people make a living painting a still-life of a basket of fruits, so anything is influential. 


Influence has a big impact in how we present ourselves and form our identities, and it also shows in our artwork. Beginning a career in art may be difficult, but once you have an idea of what influences your art, you may find your artwork flowing. 

However, you can try out paint-by-number kits because they have a guide to help you figure out where to place the colors and blend them together. Don’t be afraid to try new things, because getting into art has no age requirements. 

We hope you try out these kits if you’re getting ready to start your art journey and we hope that you learn from these art influences for beginners.

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