The Best Ways to Enjoy a Paint by Numbers Kit

The Best Ways to Enjoy a Paint by Numbers Kit

Have you tried a paint by numbers kit yet? If not, this might be the perfect time to try the kit for yourself and see the magic of painting. Since its creation in the 1950s, paint by Numbers kits have been originally enjoyed as a pastime hobby or a basic painting lesson where people can experience what it's like to paint like an artist but skip the frustrating and complicated process of applying the gesso in the canvas, paint mixing, and preliminary sketching. These kits have taught millions of people that with few tools and a simple instruction, everyone can be a good painter. Originally branded as Craft Master with the famous tagline, "everyone can be a Rembrandt,” the kits can be enjoyed by painting different landscapes, nature sceneries, blooming flowers, native objects, famous people, and so forth. Technological advancements and the creation of different brands that also market these kits have created different spin-offs and variations to these beloved classic paint sets. With these, there are now different ways to enjoy paint by number kits. if you wanna know what these are, continue reading this article to know more!

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

Different PBN Kits You Can Enjoy

If you’re looking for something that will keep you productive in times of boredom or a break in times of stressful situations, then MiiCreative offers different kinds of kits that you can enjoy. You know what the best part is? All these are custom-made which means you have the freedom to select the photo based on your preference. You can also choose the number of acrylic paints you want to use in the canvas within the following three options to choose from. If you wanna know more about MiiCreative’s Custom Painting kits, visit the website by clicking here.

So, what are the best ways to enjoy a paint by numbers kit other than painting the beloved classic kit? Look at the other options listed down below available at MiiCreative:

  1. Diamond Painting:

    A new fun way to “paint” a photo, diamond painting is a combination between two beloved hobbies: cross stitching and painting by numbers. Much like the original way to enjoy a PBN canvas, diamond painting kits allow you to create stunning artworks just by following simple instructions that are very similar to painting a PBN kit.

  2. The Paint by Numbers for Royal, Noble, and Amazing Pets:

    We know that your beloved furry buddies are adorable and cute just the way they are, but have fun and be creative by reimagining their image royal style! It’s pretty much a Custom Paint by Numbers canvas of your pet but instead of painting a regular portrait, it’s somehow a caricature of their image because the website turns it into a royal portrait for you just like the photo below. With five styles to choose from, you’re a step closer in turning your beloved furry companion into a royal pet.

  3. Your Photo as Color Pop Art:

    Pop art is a very popular artistic movement thanks to its recognizable style as well as bold and vibrant colors that surely creates a statement into a wall. Reimagine your image into something fun and exciting by turning it into a color pop art canvas that you can paint and enjoy.

  4. Paint Your Own iPhone Photo:

    While PBN kits may require high quality images for a better quality canvas, you can simply use one of your iPhone photos and we turn it into a painting kit for you. The great thing about iPhone images is that you don’t have to use another device to upload the image on the site, you just have to order directly using your mobile and we turn it into a kit for you. Thus, the image quality is just as good as a regular DSLR camera!

    Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

How to Have Fun during the Creative Process of Painting

With all the choices to choose from at MiiCreative, it may be quite difficult for you to choose which to try first, so we advise that you try all of them but select one at a time, depending on which kit you prefer to do the most. Other than the different kits you can enjoy, there are also multiple ways to enjoy a paint by numbers kit by adding some flare during the creative process of painting.

So, if you wanna heighten the fun of your painting experience, we advise that you do any of the following as you immerse yourself in the activity:

  1. Paint while listening to music:

    Whether you turn your Spotify playlist on or use a record player to play your favorite tunes, playing music while painting by numbers can definitely bring a soothing effect to your senses, especially if you try to play relaxing and calming tunes. However, you can go crazy and still play your favorite heavy metal or rock band if you like, depending on your preference.

  2. Paint with your loved ones:

    If you’re not the loner type, feel free to invite over your friends or simply paint with your family in the house. This activity can be fun, especially if you need some motivation and inspiring words for you to finish the canvas. You can also ask for their help if you want but it’s more fun for everyone to have an individual kit so that everyone can experience the beauty of creating artworks while chilling, keeping up with each other, and relaxing.

  3. Paint while eating your favorite snacks:

    Many people think that painting and eating are not a good combination but you can do this if you’re careful enough. Just make sure that your food crumbs will not fall into the canvas or your water will not be spilled on the canvas. Painting can be a tiring process so don’t be afraid to eat your favorite cheese during the process or any other food you could think of. 

Final Remarks

We hope that these suggestions on the best ways to enjoy a paint by numbers kit inspire you to make the painting process more fun and interesting. So, what kit have you decided to purchase? We hope that this article helped you decide so don’t forget to tell us about your choice and we hope that you have fun painting the canvas! Happy painting and good luck! Share this article with your friends and loved ones to inspire them to try the kit for themselves too.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit