Creativity in the Era of Digital Technology

Creativity in the Era of Digital Technology

Thanks to technology, our present-day society is rapidly changing and we have become one of the fastest evolving civilizations in human history. Almost a new form of technology comes out every week, new phone releases used to be highly anticipated because they only happened sporadically but now, brands and models with different features are popping up here and there. There are talks of building a civilization on planets such as Mars, the space race is not just between two countries now, but rather, between different multi-million companies. Social media has created a digital platform and language to connect people around the world and technology has been a great help in fixing the mistakes and damage we’ve done to our environment. With these, we can come to the conclusion that technology has done more good than harm but there is a debate that has not been well-settled yet: whether technology is killing human creativity. So in this article, let’s take a look at some of the most important topics in the creative world that are yet to be discussed, including the reasons why creativity matters in this age of digital technology and why we, as humans, should preserve creative thinking.

Creativity is not a new topic on this website, we have talked about it plenty of times already. While it is obvious that the digital age of technology is all because of human creativity, we need to address the problems that it also brings to humans in terms of shortening our creative minds. These days, the world isn’t getting any better and the problems that we are facing aren't getting any simpler. Life gets more complicated as days go by so how are we going to face the challenges that we need to conquer– not just personally but also the challenges that we have to face collectively as a society? The answer to this question lies in the reasons as to why creativity matters in the first place. Because without creative thinking, we wouldn’t be able to solve problems laterally, to think outside the box, and to solve issues that will also prevent future problems.

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Is Technology a Creativity Killer?

Since our topic is all about the different reasons why creativity matters in the age of digital technology, it is worth discussing the debate whether technology kills human creativity. Technology has an impact on every element of human existence today, and creativity is not an exception to this matter. Creative workers may share their work with the world through a variety of digital platforms and mobile applications. However, the growing presence of technology in artistic endeavors has prompted a controversy among professionals in the creative industry. While some believe that technology enhances the creative process in human minds, others believe that technology "kills creativity."

Admit it or not, oftentimes, technology has become a top source of distraction to many people. While this can be good in a sense that it can diminish stress and boredom, it is also bad in some ways. Social media, streaming sites, online shopping sites, etc. has prompted us to use our gadgets more than ever. We are occupied with living in the digital world to the point that some of us have forgotten to simply sit, think, and get inspired with our surroundings or spark a light of curiosity in times of boredom. 

Thus, too much screen time prevents us from actually doing things. We tend to opt for browsing the internet instead of reading which diminishes our inspiration and motivation to create something. So, has our creativity been lost in translation due to technology? Observe yourself and your recent digital habits and be the judge for yourself.

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Different Reasons Why Creativity Matters

1. It improves technology:

Whether we like it or not, technology has become man’s new best friend. It has helped us solve unprecedented problems that we alone cannot solve and it has helped us evolve into a very complex society. One of the most important features of creative thinking is innovation and without the mind of creatives, technology and everything that we have today, wouldn’t be possible.

2. Creativity makes the world a better place:

Even without the context of technology, it is impossible to think of the world without creative thinking. The world would be dull, boring, and mundane. Think of the things that wouldn’t exist if creativity didn’t exist– paintings, sculptures, potteries, architectures, films, music, literature. Superhero comics– pretty much most of the things that we cannot live without. Creativity may not be as rare a talent as what most people think it is, but think of it as a superpower that can actually change lives.

3. Being creative helps you see the bigger picture in life:

The ability to view the larger picture is useful in many aspects of life. It's easy to become caught in the middle and get lost between your career, personal, and social lives.  Being creative and allowing your thoughts to wander is similar to going for a walk in the woods. Instead of focusing on a single bit of moss, continue along the trail and explore the forest. In certain ways, you can see past the trees, the vines, the path, and you'll realize that life is so much more than finishing the goals in your career, etc., it's more about the journey and how you enjoy it.

4. A creative mind increases your productivity:

Technology has us struggling in terms of our daily productivity. We tend to forget to focus on the important daily tasks ahead of us because we often choose to chill with our gadgets half the time of the day. Creative people have minds that are alive and active. They're constantly bursting with ideas as they absorb inspiration from their surroundings. This frequently leads to them being more productive since they bring more to the plate than those people who are not open-minded to what is going on around them. Moreover, creative individuals are constantly seeking creative methods to address issues, which leads to innovation and efficient solutions. 

5. Creativity diminishes stress:

According to research, being creative significantly lowers stress and anxiety. This is crucial since stress is very toxic to people. Stress may cause a broad range of health problems, some of which are serious, and can have a substantial impact on our happiness and overall health. Being creative is like medicine for the soul as it helps us become optimistic and calm, especially during times of struggles.


These are just some of the reasons why creativity matters; there are hundreds, if not thousands to it. Preserving creativity is likewise important, especially now that we are living in the era of digital technology where shortcuts are inevitable. If we want to continue to evolve, accelerate, and innovate, then we need to continue to become creative. We wouldn’t have the things that we are enjoying today without the powerful and innovative minds of humans. So stay inspired, motivated, and creative!

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