Beginner’s Guide on How to Do Paint by Numbers

Beginner’s Guide on How to Do Paint by Numbers

Last holiday season, a lot of people opted for Paint by Numbers kits to give to their loved ones, especially to those who aspire to venture into the world of art, to kids, to seniors, and those who simply needed to take a break from reality. With these, surely, a lot of people are wondering how to do paint by numbers kits and how to effectively paint using those kits so don’t worry, this article is perfect for you. Whether you’re a budding artist who never had any experience with painting or someone with a minimal background, we will teach you everything you need to know before you get started immersing yourself into the joy of painting by numbers. Whatever design you got, may it be a fixed design kit such as florals, landscapes, or nature sceneries, or a more complex design such as a customized photo of your selfie or pet portrait, the instructions are the same and they couldn’t be any simpler. PBN kits are known for their one instruction due to the simplicity: and that is to match the number on the canvas according to the corresponding acrylic paint color. But, that doesn’t mean that we should stop there. Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean that we should stop just there. You can elevate the looks of your canvas by exerting extra effort and following these additional instructions provided on the ultimate guide for beginner’s on how to do paint by numbers. So, if you wanna level up your painting skills, keep on reading to learn more!

Paint by numbers kits have proved that regardless of age and technical skills (or the lack thereof), anyone can paint as long as they’re willing to follow some instructions and be patient about the process. Truly, everyone can be a Rembrandt with enough practice, patience, and confidence. If you haven’t tried these art kits yet, better check out the MiiCreative website for your Custom PBN needs. If you wanna know more about the different types of kits that MiiCreative offers, better click here to find out so that you can purchase one for yourself and discover the magic of painting.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

How to do Paint by Numbers?

To help you get started in painting these kits, below is a three-part step-by-step process on how to do paint by numbers kits. That way, you can enjoy the almost fool-proof process with minimal to no inconveniences.

Part One: Preparation Before the Painting Process

Preparation should not be overlooked and it is just as important as the painting process itself. When you are prepared with the materials and everything else, you are bound to have a magical painting journey.

  1. Get your painting kit ready:

    Start by having your own paint by numbers kit and make sure that you have a quality paint by numbers kit so that the materials that you’ll get are of high quality as well. If you don’t have one yet, purchase one at MiiCreative so that you can have a high quality customized painting kit.

  2. Prepare the other materials:

    Although the basic painting materials that you need to paint already come inside the set, which are the canvas, a set of brushes, and a set of acrylic paints, there are some additional materials that you need to use that you can conveniently find somewhere in your house. These are: a cup (or two) of water, rags or tissue papers, old newspapers or a big plastic cover (doesn’t have to be new), a magnifying glass (so that you can better see the numbers if needed), a white correction pen (to erase particular numbers that need to be filled with very light colors), a cardboard as big as the canvas, and four (4) large binder clips.

  3. Attach the canvas to the cardboard:

    Since the canvas doesn’t have a wooden frame (but you can buy one separately from the website), temporarily attach it to a cardboard using large binder clips from each corner. That way, you’ll have a steady surface to work on and you can conveniently carry the canvas from one area to another without worrying that the paint will get ruined.

    Once you have done these three easy preparation steps, then you’re good to go and you’re pretty much ready to move on to the next phase which is the actual painting process itself. So how to do paint by numbers? Just continue reading to find out.

    Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

    Part Two: Painting the Canvas

    The most exciting and magical part is painting the canvas because this is the phase where you’ll learn how to paint, obviously. So have fun, relax, enjoy, and start painting with numbers.

  4. Start painting the canvas:

    Now here goes the exciting part: applying pigments to the surface. As mentioned, all you have to do is to match the number on the canvas according to its corresponding color. But, if you wanna improve the aesthetic quality of your painting, you may follow these tips and tricks to beautify the canvas:

    • Use the appropriate brush size per area.
    • Dip the tip of the brush’s bristles in the acrylic paint but not the whole bristle to have a better control on your brushwork.
    • Start in smaller areas and work your way to the bigger areas.
    • Work with one color at a time, starting with colors of darker values.
    • Begin painting from the top part of the canvas, and work your way from left to right to avoid smudging the paint with your hands.
    • Wash the brushes in between color transitions.
    • Blend the pigments to avoid harsh lines and edges.
    • Make sure to close the other paint pots that are not in use to prevent them from drying.

    Using the tips and tricks given above, we hope that you can use it as a guide on how to do paint by numbers and make it look better. With that, go finish your painting but don’t forget to relax and enjoy the process!

  5. Wait for the painting to dry completely:

    Once you’ve filled each area with the right color and once the surface looks seamless, remember that before you do anything to the canvas, wait for it to dry completely. Since most kits include acrylics in the set, it shouldn’t take that long for the paint to dry. Once it’s all dried up, you’re ready to go to the next step.

    Part Three: Finishing Touches

  6. Varnish the canvas:

    If you want your painting to last long just like those professionally-made ones, then varnishing them at the end is a great way to save them from unwanted grimes, dirt, and damages from the sun. Varnishes come in three finishes and you can purchase these at any arts and crafts store available near you. You can choose from satin, matte, and glossy finishes, and it’s all your preference depending on how you want your finished artwork to look like. If you want it to look shiny, then opt for a glossy varnish. A classic finish that will retain the integrity of how your painting looked without varnish is called matte while a satin finish gives a mid-sheen finish, almost a middle option between glossy and matte.

  7. Frame the canvas:

    If you want to display the painting on your wall, the best option for doing this is to frame your canvas to get a more well-rounded and finished look. You can purchase a buildable frame that you can easily assemble at the MiiCreative website. It’s perfect for any paint by numbers canvas with the size of 16 x 20 inches or 40 x 50 cm. Click here to purchase.

    Custom Paint by Numbers Kit