How to Make Your Paint by Numbers Better

How to Make Your Paint by Numbers Better

It is almost common knowledge that paint by numbers kits are very easy to use and the instructions couldn’t be any simpler. Following a simple instruction, which is to match the number according to its corresponding color, will guarantee that your finished artwork will turn out beautiful. Thus, the creative process is almost fool-proof if you’re careful enough and the process is simple enough to help you relax, meditate, and paint at the same time. While it is a guarantee that you can paint the image on your mind, you may be wondering if there are any ways to make your paint by numbers canvas look even better. The answer is yes and we have the answers for you. So if you wanna know the secrets on how to make your paint by numbers look better, keep on reading the article to know more! In no time, you will be displaying a beautiful painting on your wall like a pro!

Paint by Numbers kits were available since the 1950s, assuring budding painters and craft lovers that they can produce stunning artworks without any technical expertise in the field of painting. Anyone may convert a simple kit with few tools into a marvelous painting by following a simple instruction, using various colors that correlate to a specific number, and three basic paint brushes and a canvas that looks like a map due to its contours and shapes that can guide a person to paint. With the original motto, "every man a Rembrandt," the kit assures everyone that they can be a great artist. You don't need a ton of stuff to start making your own masterpiece as a newbie. You only need a Best Paint by Numbers kit, a cup of water, as well as some tissues or rags to get started. In this post, we will reveal the keys of how to make your paint by numbers better. It may require more effort compared to sticking to the original instruction but we assure you that it’s very worth the effort! So let’s get started!

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Tips and Tricks: How to Make Your Paint by Numbers Look Better

  1. Make sure to purchase a high quality Paint by Numbers kit:

    In order to create stunning and beautiful artworks, you need to have high quality materials. Try asking every artist– most of them will prefer to have high-end art supplies so that the finished look won’t be compromised. Good materials equals better results as long as you know how to maximize their potential. The same goes with high quality paint by numbers kits as they come along with high quality materials that will allow you to have a fun artistic experience like no other.

    So, if you’re looking for high quality Custom PBN kits, MiiCreative has got you covered! Each Custom PBN kit contains everything you need to start your own masterpiece: a high quality pre-printed canvas, a set of acrylic paint (you can choose between 24 colors, 36 colors, or 48 colors for a more challenging yet realistic look), and three basic brushes.

  2. Make sure that your brushwork is precise:

    The key to a great painting is to have a great brushwork technique– it requires great precision, accuracy, and careful placement of the pigments. These techniques are very much necessary when it comes to painting by numbers knowing that some areas are small. A great brushwork will also make you less susceptible to mistakes.

    Tip: For you to have better control on your brushwork, as well as to ensure precision, do not overfill your brush with paint by dipping it all the way through. Instead, use your paint sparingly and only dip the tip of the brush’s bristles. Moreover, make sure that you use the right size of brush.

  3. Study color theory:

    One of the fundamental concepts of painting that every artist should know about is color theory. Color theory is the art (and science) of how colors are seen, visualized, and applied. Thus, color theory is most commonly dedicated to the study of the color wheel and the three fundamental color groups, which are primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. The major reason you must learn color theory is that it may help you optimize the coherence, intensity, and harmony of colors in your painting. As a result, you may enhance your blending technique and create a more realistic-looking artwork.

  4. Improve your blending:

    Another way to make your paint by numbers better is to blend, blend, and blend! Painting by numbers is a great opportunity to blend your pigments properly. Blending is a procedure used to provide a seamless transition between colors. As an artist, learning this method is essential since it gives your painting a clean, flawless finish with subtle lines and edges. As vital as this procedure is, it is important to know when to and when not to blend because over blending may result in muddy colors which is something that you don't want to happen. Blend your colors sparingly and remember that timing is key– or else, the acrylic paint might be too dry to blend. An overly-blended painting might wind up looking artificial and plastic-like, which is something you want to avoid.

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Sealing the Deal: Part One of the Final Process

The secret on how to make your painting last longer as well as how to make your paint by numbers look better is to seal your canvas by varnishing it once you've completed painting the whole canvas. Remember that you need to wait for the paint to dry completely, much better for two to three days to ensure that no paint will smudge: or else, your paint will be ruined. 

Varnishing your artwork will add an extra shine and protection to it, keeping your artwork free from dirt and unwanted grime for years. Moreover, it can protect the painting from the damaging effects of the sun.

You can choose a finish between these three: matte, gloss, or satin. All these types of varnishes are available at your local arts and crafts store.

Framing the Canvas: The Final Step

The moment that you’ve been waiting for and you’re finally done! All you need is to add your signature and frame the canvas to make it look professionally-made. While you can find a professional to frame the canvas for you, you can also find tutorials online so that you’d know how to frame the artwork yourself. 


The secrets on how to make your paint by numbers look better were finally revealed. We hope that this guide is helpful to make you a better artist producing better artworks. So now that you know these tips and tricks, you can finally paint your own paint by numbers kit. Don’t forget to share these to your fellow friends who love paint by numbers!

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