brush painting on palette

Painting Like The Old Masters

brush painting on palette

The title may seem unbelievable, but hear me out. Do you know that Paint by Numbers, though heavily criticized, has the capacity to give you the essential skills needed in painting? 

You may seem skeptical, but this repetitive, “cookie-cutter” hobby is more than what meets the eye. In this article, we'll talk a little bit about its history, and how it inspired would-be artists the way of painting like the old masters. 

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

An Era of Paint by Numbers

To summarize from our “The Colorful Origin of Paint by Numbers Paint Sets” article, Dan Robbins, a commercial artist was the brain behind paint by number kits during the 1950s. These paint by numbers kits was mass-produced with the help of Palmer Show Card Paint Company, who branded the paint kits as “Craft Master”. It was then sold and marketed all over America.

a painting master working in his workshop with paints

The kit was highly popular. However, its success was also met with backlash from art connoisseurs. They debated that the finished painting from the kits was unworthy to be called “art”. Not only did they criticize its credibility, but they dubbed it as tasteless and lacking in imagination. Although the disapproval was harsh, this didn’t faze Dan Robbins. He instead refuted the criticisms by stating that he never claimed the kits are art, but an experience for individuals who would’ve never picked up a brush. 

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

A Chance to be Da Vinci’s Apprentice

This idea came to life because of Leonardo Da Vinci, and the way he taught his students. He went about it by using corresponding numbers for background patterns. Because of this, Dan Robbins was inspired to incorporate his teachings into the kits. Therefore embracing the paint by numbers motto, “Every man a Rembrandt”, by painting like the old masters.

professional yellow brown building painting

Can It Really Turn Me Into A Professional Painter?

Absolutely! Take it from Da Vinci, who said, “Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.”. This emphasizes the importance of practice which is very much applicable to learning a skill, painting is no exception.

female hand painting a paint by numbers kit

And if you’re the type of learner who’s quick to understand through experience, then Paint by Numbers is the skill fix you need. In addition, always remember that you can’t learn unless you try, and you can’t be good at something if you’re not consistent. So if you dream of painting like the old masters, grab your very own  Paint by Number kit at the MiiCreative Store now!

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit