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The 1950s was a time of rebirth, and with World War II ending 5 years early, the American people finally came upon peace, healing, and with more time in their hands. In this post-war “semi-renaissance” state, markets slowly rose again, the economy started recovering, and people started looking for new hobbies. 

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

This hunt for new leisure activities didn’t go unnoticed for Max Klein, as he persuaded Dan Robbins to make painting and art appealing to adults. This challenging venture led to the creation of the very first  Paint by Numbers paint set produced by Klein’s company, Craft Master . At the time of its release, Paint by Numbers paint sets’ initial sales were disappointing, but it didn’t take long for the kits to take off, that even the White House joined in on the fun! It was such a hit that some masterpieces from the previous cabinet are still displayed in the West Wing corridor to this very day. 

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However, like every other trend, the Paint by Numbers craze slowly declined, and in the late 1950s; television sets made their way into American households. By 1959, Klein sold Craft Master, developing it into a separate company after the success of their Paint by Numbers paint sets. 

The story doesn’t end there for Dan Robbins, as the legacy of Paint by Numbers lived on, it increased in popularity once again in current decades, better than ever before. 

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

How were Paint by Numbers paint sets produced then and now?

For Mr. Robbins to create Paint by Numbers paint sets in the 1950s, he paints an original artwork, which he places a plastic sheet over, then traces to outline each shape’s hue and shade. After that, the shapes are given a number with the corresponding color to complete the canvas template. Each of the templates is then duplicated and mass-produced. Although they offered a variety of designs, they tend to be repetitive over time, and since computers and the internet didn’t exist yet, Paint by Numbers hobbyists had to go to physical stores to get one.

Due to recent 20th century innovations , this tedious task has been made easier with the help of computers and the internet. Making a template is no longer a problem and has made it even easier to personalize a kit, so simple that companies like ours started offering customized Paint by Numbers paint sets uniquely tailored for each shopper. Customers no longer have to worry about going to a store, all they need to do is visit the website , upload your favorite photo, and choose a payment method all in one go. It’s easy and hassle-free!

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

Why Try Paint by Numbers Paint Sets? 

If you’re a beginner like me, painting or the idea of doing it can be intimidating, but thanks to Mr. Klein and Robbins’ Paint by Numbers set experience, I finally believe that every man, woman, and child can be their own Rembrandt. 

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Times are hard, and with everyone confined at home due to the pandemic, a spike in the number of people looking for hobbies has increased. So if you’re looking for the perfect distraction, a way to relax, or just bored out of your mind, Paint by Numbers paint sets should be one of your must-haves this quarantine!  

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

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