Why You Should Consider PBN for Your Kids

Why You Should Consider PBN for Your Kids

As parents, we want to maximize our child’s potential and have their skills developed as early as possible. Moreover, we don’t want them to miss out on the fundamental skills that they need to have in order for them to fully grow and develop. With such, many parents want to find different ways and methods to help their kids holistically develop– physically, emotionally, mentally, and psychologically. It would be hard to depend on everything with their schools and teachers, so being a hands-on parent is a very practical choice. With the advent of technology, gadgets can be pretty distracting– it makes it even harder to immerse them with educational and functional activities, especially when those activities and skill-developing hobbies are doable through gadgets. But the learning isn’t the same, is it? That is why we recommend you buy Paint by Numbers kits for their kids. Parents might think that they’re a toy but they’re so much more than that– these kits are educational, entertaining, and best of all, they distract your kids from using gadgets. Moreover, you can use a grown-up version of these kits so that you can bond with them and teach them more about the fundamentals of painting. 

Many parents wonder why they should consider PBN for your kids and this article is here to answer the question. So, if you wanna find out more information about this topic, keep on reading about the reasons why you should encourage your kids to paint using these kits.

Since the period of its early development and launch, PBN kits have always received criticisms and backlash particularly from “real artists''.” It is a common thought that these kids are for amateurs and they can never teach you how to paint. But that’s where they’re wrong. Based on the millions of people whose kits are framed and displayed somewhere on the walls of their homes, it is quite the contrary. For people like them, these kits are life-changing. It gave them the necessary baby steps in order to prepare for the bigger ones: the steps on becoming an artist. Moreover, paint by numbers kits are beneficial to many aspects of your physical, emotional, and mental health. Thus, these kits are highly recommended for children because they’re a great key to develop basic skills– sensory skills, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive function.

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It is critical to keep children engaged with skill-developing activities that will both engage them for hours and teach them something valuable and educational. It is difficult to find something that encourages children to study, practice creativity, and develop their talents while still being interesting and enjoyable. Painting has been shown to help children in a variety of ways, including color learning, fine motor development, sensory development, emotional development, exercising imagination and creativity, and increasing self-esteem. Art is also engaging and fun, and if a youngster is interested, it may keep them occupied for hours without holding their gadgets.

If you feel like taking them to art classes or workshops is not an option for you due to budget reasons, you can still encourage them to paint at home even without the need of hiring an instructor. Hence, this is one of the reasons why you should consider PBN for your kids– they are an alternative option for expensive art classes. Remember, the goal here is to have their creativity and skills develop. Their painting skills will develop over time as they get older. 

Have You Ever Thought Why You Should Consider PBN for Your Kids?

We all want what’s best for the kids. We want them to maximize their talents, creativity, imagination, and be able to express their emotions. Painting is one of the areas in which some children may flourish as they begin to discover their abilities and interests in the creative field. Painting may not be for everyone, but  everyone can exercise their creativity and imagination. Most importantly, this fun activity offers advantages that both you and your kid may benefit from.

Here are the different reasons why you should consider PBN for your kids:

  1. PBN kits teach kids valuable lessons in life:

    Painting is one of the activities that is very much open to mistakes. These mistakes teach kids that it’s okay to be imperfect and make mistakes as long as they learn something from them. Just like any other artists, professional or not, it is normal to occasionally spill paint or get out of the line, and make other common mistakes. Even if your youngster steps out of line and into "your space," it is still acceptable. This approach may be highly beneficial since it teaches you and your children that mistakes are inevitable. It's all about teaching students how to respond to mistakes without taking them emotionally. The greatest thing to do is to move on from and learn from the mistake to avoid it from happening again.

  2. PBN kits are affordable:

    As we mentioned, if taking them to classes, workshops, or hiring instructors is not an option because they’re expensive, painting by numbers is a great alternative to teach them how to paint on their own and learn the basics of painting with you. Each kit is complete and ready to use– no need to separately purchase other materials. Best of all, you can schedule a playdate with their friends and have a mini art “workshop” in your home to make it more fun and exciting.

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  3. Painting by numbers allows parents and kids to have bonding time with no gadgets:

    Creating connections with the kids is very important because it helps us to understand them better– their perspective, feelings, and emotions. Because of our busy work schedule, conflicts, and the choice of kids to use gadgets over parent-bonding time, we seldom have  heart-to-heart moments with them. Painting with young children enables us to see far more than just a small picture. We can learn a lot about each youngster if we observe with our eyes and ears open. By allowing them to tell their story and experience about their painting, we take a step closer towards them. Apart from helping them develop, we also learn how to emotionally support them and enjoy simple moments with them.

  4. Painting helps with cognitive development:

    Painting may all seem like it’s fun and games, but they’re also educational and time-worthy. Crucial skills– hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, analytical skills, problem solving skills, and critical thinking skills can be developed by doing this activity. Both the left and right sides of the brain are simultaneously being exercised when painting, so creativity and cognitive function are being enhanced at the same time. Through painting, you can also incorporate subjects that they least enjoy such as math and make it enjoyable for them. Teach them how to count, do basic arithmetic, etc.

  5. It helps them reduce their stress and other negative emotions in a healthy way:

    Children are just as vulnerable to stress as adults. Painting with your child allows the both of you to take a break from the stresses of life and escape into your creative wonderland together. Painting may be a stress-relieving and soothing activity. Painting enables you and your kid to focus on oneself and pay greater attention to the present moment instead of worrying about the future or fixating on the past. 

Final Insights

We hope that these reasons why you should consider PBN for your kids convince you how crucial creativity and imagination are– not just in the field of arts but also in life in general. So have fun with them, cherish the moment, learn the art of painting together, and get messy! Have fun painting!

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