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Why Simple Art is the Best

Photos of simple artworks on the wall

Everyone who appreciates art has visited an Art Gallery even once in their life. But when you do visit, do you notice the detailed paintings first? Surprisingly, a lot of people appreciate the simple paintings and connect to them immediately. Even though complicated paintings with their tiny details can be very mesmerizing and are appreciated. There are just some things in simple art that people are attracted to but can’t explain why.

In fact, even the simplest paintings can cost you millions of dollars. You might even think “I can paint something like that easily!”. One concrete example is the painting called “Voice of Fire” by Barnett Newman. This painting consisted of two equally vertical blue stripes with a red stripe in the middle. This painting has a current value exceeding $40 millions dollars.

This makes people feel different negative emotions, especially when it’s so simple that anyone can do it. But just because someone’s simple painting ended up as a million dollar relic, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try painting simple things as well. There are different reasons why simple art is the best, and here are some:

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One of the main reasons why simple art is the best, is because it’s a lot easier to paint simple things. Some things you can paint easily could be a butterfly, your pet or even a vase and some flowers. And when you paint simple things, you don’t have to think too much about it. It even helps you save paint for your next simple art project.

photo of woman painting simple art with white canvas on the floor


When you decide to paint the simpler things, you also save time for yourself. You don’t have to brainstorm too much on ideas. And you can just look at your surroundings and paint one of them. It also saves you time because you don’t have to put too much details in your painting. Even a simple drawing of a plant can look great and add a simple aesthetic to your homes.

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You might be a bit confused with this reason. But we added this in because when Barnett painted “Voice of Fire”, a lot of people tried to figure out what his painting portrayed. Different people felt differently to his paintings, and had different connections with it. When you paint something simple, the only person who knows why you painted the simple art, is you. But others might think of it differently. They can speculate and have different interpretations on your art, you can be mysterious or simply forward with your painting too. That's why simple art is the best, because it can give your painting more character.

woman looking at painting on the wall

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Sometimes, people paint to tell a story. And other paint things or places that they miss. If you used to live in the woods, and you see a painting of a cabin in the woods, it can make you feel at home. When you paint simple art, it can trigger familiarity within people. Especially when we are surrounded by simple things in life. Even painting a random cat can make people remember the time they had their first kitten. You get to paint your own memory into simple art. And even remind people of moments they almost forgot.

woman painting different simple art


Many people have difficulty painting detailed and complicated art. You don’t always have to pressure yourself to create great art. Because it’s the simple things in life that are taken for granted. You don’t realize it but simple art has the same benefits as complicated even when they’re both different. But the main reason why simple art is the best, is because it helps you appreciate simple and small things. “It’s strange how the simple things in life go on while we become difficult” as Richard Brautigan used to say.

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Even when people have difficulty painting simple things, there are ways that can help you. You can try Paint by Numbers and pick a simple design to do. Or you can try Custom Paint by Numbers and paint a simple photo you love. You can check out MiiCreative to see the options they offer. Don’t be afraid to paint, believe in yourself and create simple art.

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