Why Paint by Numbers is the Best Gift for Any Occasion

Why Paint by Numbers is the Best Gift for Any Occasion

Have you ever thought of giving a special loved one a gift for the upcoming occasion that will be celebrated this year? Whether it’s a birthday, a wedding (or friendship) anniversary, special holidays, or just a gift to show appreciation, and gratefulness, Custom Paint by Numbers remains a classic even this 2022. Whenever we want to show our love for our friends and loved ones, we always want to give them something that is unique, special, memorable, and long-lasting. All these characteristics are present with the best gift of all: a PBN kit. Custom mugs, t-shirts, framed pictures are overrated and so 2010s, let’s be modern and give them a canvas that they can paint, enjoy, frame, and display somewhere in the lovely walls of their homes. Not only are they long-lasting, but they’re also stress relieving– you give them an opportunity to take a break and enjoy the creative side of life with simple instruction, a few tools, and a whole lot of creativity. Still not feeling convinced? Keep on reading to find out more about the reasons as to why paint by numbers is the best gift for any upcoming celebrations that you’re looking forward to this year.

We noticed the emergence of many hobby kits during lockdown since many individuals were trapped in their homes with nothing to do. These pastime hobby kits, including Custom PBN kits, are stress relievers and boredom busters that give several advantages to a person's mental health. While the lockdown days may be over for most places in the world, stressful days are yet to be over. Hence, taking care of our mental health is still important and we are still living in a pandemic so healthy habits, pastime activities, and meditation are encouraged. 

Last year’s holiday season proved that Custom PBN kits are still on trend and beloved by the public. The demands of the kits skyrocketed because they want to give their loved ones a special gift unlike any other– a customized D-I-Y painting with their favorite photo together. It may not be like the paintings of popular artists that end up costing thousands of dollars, but the love and thought behind the gift are more valuable than the gift itself. Thus, it’s also great to relive the fun times together, keep the memory alive, and not let it fall into oblivion.

The thing is, you don’t have to wait for Christmas to give them a gift as special as this one, you can do it on special holidays, on their birthdays, or even non-holidays just to show how much you love and appreciate them.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

What Comes in Each MiiCreative Custom Paint by Numbers Kit?

Before we proceed to the different reasons why paint by numbers is the best gift for your loved ones, we want to show you how worthy it is to give them a personalized canvas that you can personally choose for them to paint. The pricing of each kit varies depending on the option that you select but the basic, high quality materials that are included in every set are the following:

  1. A pre-printed canvas marked with numbers and contours.
  2. A set of high quality basic brushes– 1 small, 1 medium, 1 large
  3. A set of acrylic paint (you can select the number of paint pots: 24 colors, 36 colors, or 48 colors)

Various Reasons Why Paint by Numbers is the Best Gift 

  1. Painting is a healthy coping mechanism to combat stress and anxiety:

    For a fact, not everyone is an artist or a painter— but that doesn't mean that they can't exercise their creativity. Paint by numbers kits, on the other hand, allows everyone, regardless of artistic ability or technical understanding in art, to immerse themselves in the wonderful creative process of painting. As adults, everyone requires a break from time to time. Though the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet gone, most nations are gradually resuming their usual lives, which is stressful. We have a lot to worry about on our plate and with the pandemic still on our minds, we're slowly returning to our usual daily routine, so a healthy coping strategy from all of this will be useful to keep our sanity and mental well-being intact.

  2. Free shipping worldwide:

    Whether they’re near or far, MiiCreative helps its valuable customers to send their Custom PBN kit/s as a gift to their loved ones anywhere around the globe– and it will be delivered right at their doorstep without hassle. One of the drawbacks of shopping from the internet for many people is having to pay a high delivery price. We know you have a lot of loved ones you want to make feel special so we've waived the shipping cost to help you stay on your budget. Wherever you or your loved ones are, the kits you buy will be safely delivered directly to your (or their) door. Isn't it safer, more practical, and more handy than visiting real stores? No inconvenience and stressful situations, just wait for the kits to arrive and paint the stress away.

  3. They’re economical:

    Who says that giving something special requires a high price? We understand that some people need to stay on their budget and one of the reasons why paint by numbers is the best gift is that they're affordable. For the low price of $37.99 USD, you can give your loved one a high-quality personalized painting kit that they can use, enjoy, and display. The materials are of high quality despite their low price so that the overall result and aesthetic quality of the painting won’t be compromised.

    Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

  4. PBN kits are best for all ages:

    No painting skills? No problem! Young or old? It doesn’t matter! Oftentimes, it can be tough to think about something to give a particular age or interest but this is something that you don’t have to worry about with these kits. So many people are hesitant to give custom painting kits to their loved ones because they believe they will not enjoy them since they are not artistically inclined. Painting by numbers, on the other hand, is a simple exercise ideal for all people because it teaches everyone how to paint by giving essential art principles such as blending, brushwork, color theory, etc.— and that is why paint by numbers is the best gift for anyone, at any occasion.

  5. Great for keepsake:

    This kit is more than simply a pastime hobby kit or amateur painting set; it is a kit that may provide someone with thousands of memories. There are numerous personalized presents available, but nothing can compare to the joy that Custom Paint by Numbers kits give. If you're still wondering why paint by numbers is the best gift,  these kits will provide your loved ones with several memories, including the creative process, discovering their potential in painting, showcasing the final work, and many more. So, in addition to giving them a wonderful present from the depths of your love, you are also providing them with wonderful memories that will last forever.

Still wondering why paint by numbers is the best gift for any occasion? Read our customer reviews to find out why or purchase one for yourself and your loved one to experience the magic of painting first hand. Have fun with the creative process!

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit