Why Creativity Is A Muscle

Why Creativity Is A Muscle

We have always talked about how creativity is a natural occurrence in our childhood, but as we grow older, it fades away. A lot of people would tell you that you need to keep doing activities to enhance your creativity, and that’s true. In this article, we talk about the reasons why creativity is a muscle

Creativity is something helpful when we are stuck in a rut and we need something out of the box to find a solution. While everyone is born with a sense of creativity, not everyone retains it when they’re adults. However, there are ways you can retain your creativity. 

In this article, we discuss why creativity is a muscle. One of the best ways we can achieve creative thinking is by treating it like all our muscles. Every muscle needs to be exercised to avoid atrophy. So, if you want to stay creative, you should exercise your creative thinking skills as well. 

If you want to embrace creativity and you want to be able to keep having creative thoughts, then we hope you consider some of these creative exercises to improve your muscle. 

We believe that creative thinking and skills can come in handy, even if you don’t pursue a career in arts. It’s always better to have an asset that will make your work life easier. 

Having something to fall back on when logic fails is going to be helpful if you are stuck on a problem that is too difficult to work through with linear thinking and standard decision making. 

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Ways To Improve Creativity

Before we get into why creativity is a muscle, we are going to give you some ways you can improve your creativity. The best way to build muscle is by putting in the work, and creativity is exactly just like that. Here are some activities to help you improve your creativity:

  1. Let yourself play: And no, we don’t mean play with ideas, we mean allow yourself to play. Studies show that playing is correlated to imagination and creativity, which is why children are so creative, and slowly lose their creative tendencies when they stop playing.
  2. Practice activities that involve creativity: The best way to improve creativity is to actually do things that require you to be creative. It may be daunting at first, but once you get used to coming up with creative solutions, you’ll find that creativity is within reach.
  3. Allow yourself to create: Last but not the least, be bold enough to create something. It doesn’t have to make sense to other people, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be good. Everyone starts somewhere, and the best way to be creative is to let yourself create things. 

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Why Creativity Is A Muscle

Now that we’ve gone over things that can help you improve your creativity, let’s talk about why creativity is a muscle. In our early childhood, we can’t deny that the most fun we’ve had is when we use our imagination to create worlds in the comfort of our home. 

From playing house to having castles in our backyard, playing brought us different opportunities. However, you notice that once children reach a certain age where they play less, they’re also not as creative or imaginative. 

In a sense, that’s because you’re no longer actively using creativity for entertainment. Like muscles, you need to stay active so they don’t shrink; creativity is the exact same way. Children who grow up to be adults will tell you that being active in imagining scenarios is one way they’ve maintained creativity, which is why we agree that creativity is a muscle that needs to be exercised and worked on. 


Creativity is an asset that would greatly benefit you if your job requires you to solve a lot of problems. While linear thinking is encouraged in most situations, when people tell you to “think outside the box,” that means you should be more creative with your thought process. 

That is why creativity is a muscle and it’s something to pay attention to if you want to push out ideas that may seem outlandish. Even if you don’t become an artist, we believe that you can use creativity in a lot of other ways. We hope you continue to work on your creative muscles. 

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