Are Paint By Number Kits Better Than Printables?

Are Paint By Number Kits Better Than Printables?

Painting by numbers is one of the best things to do in your free time. It requires minimum time to get started and it’s not boring as it requires a tremendous amount of focus. Thus, it keeps you creative and helps you enhance your imagination and above all, it boosts your painting skills. You have the lines and the drawing itself with numbers in each box and all you have to do is print each box with the corresponding color. Fun, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, some people tend to download paint by number printables and then print them and do the work on a piece of paper because it seems easier than ordering actual paint by number kits. However, if you were about to use this method, we would encourage you not to. Yes, it is indeed a lot cheaper to use paint by number printables but the result will certainly not be what you wanted it to be. Wanna know why? Well, our advice is to keep reading and find out.

  1. Real canvas is missing
    Having the best result possible requires the best equipment too. A producer can not produce a well-crafted song in a garage with no soundproof room, thus, an artist cannot paint a well-crafted painting with no actual canvas. We at MiiCreative have the necessary tools and equipment that will help you get the most out of your painting process, and your only worries will be which color you should put on number 8, which one on number 3, and so forth.

  2. Not a fool-proof project
    When you decide to use paint by number printables, things can get really messy. The numbers or the lines may not be clear enough or the drawing does not align with the paper. It is also possible that the paper might get ripped, something that you definitely don’t want. With actual paint by number kits, you don’t have to worry about any of these things.

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  3. Lack of necessary equipment
    Painting on PBN printables means that you will need to buy all the necessary equipment in advance. The brushes, the paints, the actual paper you will be painting on, etc. Well, if the main reason you prefer to paint by number printables is that it’s cost-effective, then what’s the point anymore? Plus, many of the printables online are not even free.

  4. Unique artistic experience

    Having the real canvas in front of you, feeling how beautifully designed it is, and watching how the paint flows is magical and it’s something you can’t experience with just a regular paper. That’s not to say that anyone who has canvas is a real painter, but it sure does help.

  5. Not personalized printables

    Have you ever thought about painting your favorite picture as a kid, or the first picture you had with your best friend, or even painting the picture you took when you got your first pet? Unlike any paint by number printable, MiiCreative can help you paint the best moments of your life. Or should we say the most memorable?

Okay, now that you know why paint by number printables are not worth your time, then you’ll surely love what you are going to read below.

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