What's Your Painting Personality?

What's Your Painting Personality?

The way you stroke your brushes, your color preferences, your style choices, and other artistic decisions can tell you a lot about yourself in general. Various studies regarding this matter date back to the 1930s, revealing that preferences and interest in artworks are correlated to our personality traits. We like to discover something new about ourselves each day because that’s what life is all about. So in this article, we will help you reveal your painting personality and how it’s related to your attitude and character.

Art is a part of everyday life. It can be seen anywhere, as long as you have an open mind. For people who love the subject, they can’t get enough of creating artworks, looking at other people’s art, and engaging in other artistic activities. Not everyone is created equal, so some are the opposite and most likely do not care about the subject. If you’re not like them, then try to find out about your painting personality through the help of this article to keep you inspired and more knowledgeable about yourself. Read below to find out more!

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How Your Painting Personality Reflects With Your Character

Let’s play a little game before we start the discussion. All you have to do is select the painting that you like the most and we will reveal your personality traits based on your preference.

Painting no. 1

Painting no. 2

Painting no. 3

Painting no. 4

We all view art differently and we all have our own tastes when it comes to color choices, design, art styles, and so forth. Here’s what the painting of your choice says about your painting personality:

Abstract art:

If you chose the first artwork which is an abstract painting, people like you are often restrained, yet despite that quiet attitude, are deeply creative and insightful. Since abstract art is all about the representation of your soul through colors, patterns, and lines, you are more likely to be a sensation-seeker who’s always open to new experiences and ideas. Moreover, virtues of purity, orderliness, spirituality, and simplicity are inclined to your character. 

Realism art:

The second artwork is a very realistic still painting of fruits. According to several studies, people who love this art style are very outgoing and honest. Since you see the world as it is, you tend to be straightforward when dealing with certain matters. Realists like you are likely to be methodical, agreeable, and responsible, as revealed by research.

Pop art:

Bold, colorful, and bright. Those are the three words that you usually use when describing Pop Art. What does your preference to this style say about your personality? Well, Pop art lovers like you are fun-loving, excellent to be around, extroverted, and open.


When we hear the word “cubism,” the first thing that typically comes into our minds is Pablo Picasso, the world-famous Cubist painter, and one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. The last artwork was of course, a cubist painting. If you prefer this type of art style, then you most likely are a young extrovert up for different adventures.

Do you agree with the results? Are you satisfied with the explanations? Well, we won't end the discussion here because we have more things to reveal about your painting personality.

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The Connection Between Big Five Personality Traits and Artistic Preferences

At some point in our lives, we may have encountered the term “big five personality traits,” or the five main personality types not only limited to introversion and extroversion. Psychologists have established hundreds of traits that can predict certain behaviors but these five are more widely used and reliable. If you’re not familiar with these, we will give a short description about the personality traits and the artistic preferences related to them.

  1. Openness to experience: 

    The trait commonly attributed to creativity and art. People with this type of personality tend to be intellectually curious and imaginative. These people are mostly into abstract pieces, classic music, and heavy metal music.

  2. Conscientiousness:

    The characters of being organized and cautious are commonly attributed to this trait. People who are conscientious also tend to be competitive, dutiful, and disciplined. They value orderliness and perfection so they are usually achievement-strievers. These people’s artistic choices are usually into simple representational art and religious paintings.

  3. Extraversion:

    Extroverts are described to be social, outgoing, and assertive. Moreover, studies reveal that these people are into environmental stimulation where they tend to seek different adventures and excitements in life. Due to their type of character, they most likely prefer artworks with impressionist style. Thus, Japanese and classical arts are also part of their preferences.

  4. Agreeableness:

    These are the type of people who are friendly and compassionate with others. According to studies, this personality trait rarely has a correlation with art. However, some studies revealed that some are into artworks that depict violence and at the same time, religious paintings and landscapes. Conflicting, isn’t it?

  5. Neuroticism:

    Neurotics are usually volatile and impulsive which affects their artistic preferences. They are more drawn to Romanticism and architecture. Thus, their color scheme is usually composed of dark and cold pigments.

Key Insights

There are hidden meanings even in the simple choices you make in life. Your color choices, art style preferences, and types of painting reveal something about your painting personality and real life character. We hope that we have helped you discover something new about yourself today. Let us know if you agree or disagree with our findings.

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