What Materials Come in a Paint by Numbers Kit?

What Materials Come in a Paint by Numbers Kit?

Paint by numbers kits have been a popular pastime hobby kit either for personal activity use or as a gift to a loved one. Due to this, an increasing number of people are getting enticed to try out the kits themselves which also leads them to the question, “what are the materials that come inside a paint by numbers kit?” Hence, this article is all about answering this common query by many to address the materials that MiiCreative includes in our magnificent custom painting kits. We hope that at the end of this article, we are able to satisfy all the curiosity in this specific question. So without further ado, let’s get started!

We cannot blame the many people who have hopped into the Paint by Numbers craze–what’s not to like about them after all? They’re very fun to make, super easy to do, and you’re just a number away from completing a personal beautiful image that you can display in your home or gift to your loved one. Thus, paint by numbers is beneficial in so many aspects, too, and we have discussed how powerful it can be because of the therapeutic benefits of painting.

Number by number, color by color, people’s stress, anxiety, and sadness are being eased as they use these painting kits. Perhaps the best thing about these kits is that they allow everyone to be an artist regardless of age, skill level, and art background. This painting kit doesn’t discriminate! Even though you’ve never held a paint brush in your life to create an artwork, it’s okay because painting by numbers is a simple technique. It can teach you the basics of painting from holding a brush, how to blend colors beautifully, color theory, and brushwork. So, if you’re planning to buy one for yourself today, do it now! Explore the magic of painting firsthand and see how creating art can improve your life. 

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

How Do I Order a MiiCreative Custom Paint by Numbers?

Before we proceed to the actual discussion, which answers the question, “what are the materials that come inside a paint by numbers kit?” We'd like you to see a step-by-step process on how to order a MiiCreative Custom Paint by Numbers kits. Don’t worry! Ordering kits is just as easy as 1-2-3! Below are the three easy steps need to own a canvas that you can paint and enjoy:

  1. Upload a picture: 

    It can be any picture! A favorite selfie, family photo, pet portrait, a nature scenery, your favorite travel photo or anything else you can think of! It’s all up to you and there are no limits to it. However, if you want to ensure maximum results, meaning the best and aesthetically-pleasing outcome from your painting, we suggest that you follow some of these guidelines when uploading a picture:

    - Make sure that the picture is high quality and not blurry.
    - The aspect ratio of the photo should be 4:5 because the canvas size is 40 x 50 cm or 16 x20 inches.
    - The background shouldn’t be cluttered if the photo being uploaded is a selfie, pet portrait, or family image– this is to make sure that the painting is subject-focused.
    - Make sure that the photo has good sharpness, contrast, and brightness.

  2. Proceed to checkout:

    Just by uploading an image, you’re a step closer to creating your very own dream painting! After uploading an image, you can now proceed to checkout and pay for the kit. But before that, you can also select the number of colors that you want to work with. The more colors, the better because it will make your painting look more realistic. You can either choose between three options: 24 colors (Standard), 36 colors (High definition), and 48 colors (Real-like). 

  3. Wait for the kit(s) to arrive and start painting:

    Finally, all you have to do is to wait for your MiiCreative Custom Paint by Numbers kit to arrive right at your doorstep. After it arrives, all you have to do is to paint and have fun!

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

What are the Materials that Come Inside a Paint by Numbers Kit?

Unlike other paint by numbers brands, MiiCreative ensures high quality painting kits are delivered all the time to enhance people’s creative painting process. Thus, we are committed to deliver high quality kits to ensure that the overall outcome of the painting is beautiful, high quality, and aesthetically-pleasing to the eyes that can be framed and decorated to your wall.

  1. Canvas:

    A paint by numbers canvas is different compared to a regular canvas because it is pre-printed with the outline of the image that you selected. It’s pre-primed, meaning, you don’t have to put gesso anymore to make your surface more workable and smooth. Looking at the canvas for the first time may confuse you but as you delve in and start painting, the image will reveal itself like a puzzle and make sense at the end. The canvas is marked with contours and each contour area is marked with indicated numbers, which corresponds to a particular color in the acrylic paint pots. 

  2. Brushes:

    The brushes that come inside the kit come in three sizes– one small, one medium, and one large. These brushes are of high quality, environment-friendly, with ultrafine tips and anti-shred bristles so that you can reuse these brushes after finishing your paint by numbers canvas project. Make sure to take care of your brushes so that they won’t break off easily because the way you take care of them depends on how long the brushes will last long.

  3. Acrylic paint:

    The number of acrylic paints depends on the option that you choose, you can either get 24 colors, 36 colors, or 48 colors which depends on your preference. The color distribution of the hues in MiiCreative is wide so that you can have more realistic and good-looking paintings. Thus, it’s already premixed and ready to use! No need to mix additives and the best thing is that the paints are of artist quality, high coverage, and fade resistant.

Final Insights

We hope that answering the question: what are the materials that come inside a paint by numbers kit? Satisfied your curiosity about these beloved painting kits. Click here if you want to start your painting journey with MiiCreative and see the wonders of painting firsthand! Explore different possibilities in painting even as a beginner or non-artist by going to the MiiCreative site. We hope to be a part of your painting journey. Have fun!

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit