What kind of art do you like and why?

What kind of art do you like and why?

A visual object or experience purposefully made via an expression of talent or imagination is known as art or visual art (to separate it from other art genres). Painting, sculpturing, drawing, decorative arts, photography, and installation all fall under the umbrella of visual arts. The diverse visual arts occur on a spectrum that spans solely aesthetic to completely practical reasons. The generally used phrases, artist and artisan, the latter interpreted as one who pays close attention to the utilitarian, reflects this polarity of intent. However, this should not be taken as a rigorous plan. Motives can differ even within one type of art; for example, a potter or weaver may create a very practical product that is also beautiful—a salad bowl, for example, or a blanket—or they may create works that have no purpose other than to be appreciated.

For ages, cultures in Africa and Oceania have had a definition of art that spans this continuum. By the mid-eighteenth century, however, the creation of academies for painting and sculptures in the West had developed a feeling that these media were “art” and thus distinct from more utilitarian media. Art has an impact on society because it can change people's minds, inculcate ideals, and translate experiences across place and time. According to studies and research, art has an impact on individuals.  Art, in this sense, is a form of communication that allows people from different cultures and places to communicate with one another through visuals, sounds, as well as tales and symbols. Art is frequently used to initiate societal change. It has the potential to provide those who are politically or socially marginalized with a voice. A song, film, or novel can elicit strong emotions in individuals who hear and see it, motivating them to take action. Art has a functional impact on society as well. Accordingly, there is a clear link between school children's arithmetic and reading grades and their participation in theatrical or music activities.

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Why Do I Like Art?

Here are some reasons why art is vital to our society and why you should never stop being creative:

  1. It’s Natural human behaviour: Art is significant because it explains why we require food to survive, why we laugh, and why it feels so good to be loved. It's a part of who we are. From inception, human beings have been creating art. Humans have always had a natural inclination to be creative and make art, whether using berries for paint or carving wood. It's written in our DNA, and we've known it since we were born. Watch a child's face light up when you give them a crayon and some paper. However, because the arts are not supported by every employment path, it might be difficult to stay creative as you get older. On the other hand, taking up a pastime is a terrific way to keep that creative spark alive. You should never cease being creative because it is a normal human tendency.

  2. It’s a Language: Whether it's a painting, sculpture, dance routine, or your favorite song, art has its language. Art can communicate things that words alone cannot. It's a universal language that may be understood and inspired by people from all around the world.

  3. Art tells a story: Art is significant because it serves to record and preserve our history. Historic art narrates a story about society and the evolution of our cultures. Giving us new perspectives and insights. Art may now be found almost anywhere. These pieces of art tell stories through billboards, street signs, and enormous murals. Whether it's for advertising or just for fun, creativity can be found anywhere.

  4. Therapeutic: Art is a wonderful way to relax and de-stress. If you schedule time for creativity regularly, you'll notice an immediate difference in how you feel. Art's therapeutic effects are so powerful that licensed specialists employ it in more serious circumstances to assist people to cope with mental illness and other emotional issues.

  5. Evoke emotions from people: Art is significant because it can move individuals and, in some cases, entire nations. Consider films or songs that have gone viral around the world, raising awareness or inspiring others to achieve greatness. You might not be able to complete whatever task you're working on if you don't listen to music while exercising or working.

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  6. It makes people happy when they create: When your mother stationed you somewhere with all the arts and crafts supplies, you couldn't be any happier. You had everything you needed for the day! And, among older artists, that feeling still exists. That is why they keep doing what they are doing. It brings them joy. People who don't make art regularly are in the same boat. All you have to do now is put forth the effort. Consider going to a paint night or a pottery class. I guarantee you'll have a fantastic time and want to return.

  7. Increases Creativity: Art and creativity go together like peanut butter and jelly. You will get more creative as you work on your art. Looking at art and being exposed to other creative mediums will also help you come up with new ideas and ways of thinking. It's a lovely cycle.

  8. Vital to human development: Creativity is the foundation of a child's education, hence art is crucial. It aids in the development of motor skills and hand-eye coordination, as well as having a significant impact on their social and emotional development. It also helps them develop cognitively, which can help them improve their math skills and other areas.

  9. It makes drab places look amazing: Nothing is more wonderful than when a city or a property owner contracts an artist to create something that will be seen by millions of people. Art can transform even the most unappealing places into awe-inspiring works of brilliance. Why settle for a plain old brick wall when you can have a mural that gets people talking and returning time after time?

  10. It’s good for the economy: Everything comes full circle when artists get money from their hard work. They spend more money on art materials and attend nearby establishments such as bars, pubs, restaurants, and events, which is beneficial to the economy, small companies, and other factors. Tourists will travel from all around to experience a community that is buzzing with creativity and has a lively art scene full of attractions.

While being open to all, art also influences people in a certain way and provides for a large range of thoughts, ideas and remains a quintessential medium to bring change, slowly but from the roots.

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