What Is Pop Art Paint-By-Numbers

What Is Pop Art Paint-By-Numbers

Usually when it comes to paint-by-numbers, we see kits that have realistic styles and while they’re lovely to paint, sometimes it can get boring. Pop art has a more distinct style that we think everyone should try. In this article, we discuss what is pop art paint-by-numbers. 

Most of the paint-by-number kits we find online are composed of images that have realistic colors. While this art style is great, there’s another painting style that we think you should try if you’re getting into paint-by-number kits. 

The style of painting we’re referring to is pop art. Usually, you can tell when an art piece is pop art based off of the colors used in the image. This art style is great if you like more distinct colors than muted colors because pop art uses very vibrant colors. In this article, we answer the question, “what is pop art paint-by-numbers?” 

We love this art style because it is very distinct and we think you would enjoy using the finished image as part of your home decor. Aside from that, the technique for painting this isn’t as easy as regular paint-by-number kits because the colors don’t blend together as seamlessly as regular kits. 

However, we think you’d like how the results are because the details do pop out more because of the colors used. Let us know if you like pop art and are willing to try this type of art style in paint-by-number kits in our comments section below. 

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What Is Pop Art?

Before we get into answering what is pop art paint-by-numbers, let’s talk about what pop art is. Pop art is a distinct art style that took a step to modern art. It was first produced in the 1950s in the UK. It was a refreshing take on reintroducing identifiable images, which is why we think that you should try this if you’re more into the bigger picture than the smaller details. Artists you should take note of are; Warhol, Rosenquist, and Lichtenstein. However, we believe that more and more artists are veering to pop art because of the visual imagery and how easy it is to reproduce pop art with the use of digital art. 

We love this art style because it is a more modern art, which is why we think you would like it if you’re not big on sweating the small details. 

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What Is Pop Art Paint-By-Numbers?

Now that we’ve gone over what pop art is, let’s answer what is pop art paint-by-numbers. As the name implies, these paint-by-number kits have distinct imagery, which is why we think that you should try them if you’re tired of painting the regular paint-by-number kits. 

Aside from that, these kits focus more on the bigger picture, which is what makes them different from regular paint-by-number kits that we think everyone would love if you’re tired of painting small details. 

These kits don’t require as much blending, but the colors may require some priming to get the most vibrant results. We think primers are necessary because pop arts are more known for their distinct colors than their details, which is why we think you should invest in primers like Gesso. 

However, since these are still paint-by-number kits, we do suggest that you get clear primers so that they don’t cover the numbers and so you can still check which colors go where. 

These kits are great if you need a break from painting traditional colors and styles. 

Key Takeaways

We think pop art is great and an art style that everyone should try at least once. Now that we’ve answered what is pop art paint-by-numbers, we hope that you try them when you’re looking for something new to get into. 

We love this art style but it is just one of the more distinct art styles that compose modern art. If you’re trying to find your art style, we think that finding your style would mean trying all of the different types of art. It may take some time, but you need to trust the process and keep exploring. 

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