What is Paint by Numbers? Know Everything with this Guide

What is Paint by Numbers? Know Everything with this Guide

If you are somewhat of an artist who likes to paint, you must be familiar with the question “What is Paint by Numbers?” You must have gone into such activities right from childhood. But if you are not familiar with this concept, worry not because this guide will help you as we go through the whole system of this particular art.

What is Paint by Numbers?

It is the best activity if you are hoping to start your career in this creative field. The outline of the drawing is already given on canvas featuring segments of different sizes and shapes that are marked with numbers. The numbers are tuned with specific colors. All you need to do is to fill in colors according to the numbers and you’ll be left with one exquisite painting on the canvas.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

What makes it so Popular?

The concept started back in 1940 by a man named Dan Robbins. At the time, he used to work at Palmer Show Card Paint Company. There, he painted and made original artworks and outlined the shapes and made segments for each shade and hue. He did that by placing the plastic sheet over the artwork. In 1950, the idea became successful and manufacturers started making paint by number kits and made them public under the tagline “Every man a Rembrandt.” The success was huge as over 12 million kits were sold. Paint by numbers is still considered one of the best activities and artists have always been fond of it.

Paint by Numbers: Enjoy and Learn the Beauty of Painting

Now that you are familiar with the concept and why it is so popular in the world of arts, your mind is cooking up some other questions. For instance, you may be thinking that it is not that creative to work on paint by numbers and you may think of this activity as childish and mediocre. There are many people who even call this activity “cheating” and we are telling you that they are wrong. Painting by numbers is an activity for every age, it does not matter whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can enjoy this activity despite that. The freedom that it gives and the results that you’ll be able to generate will increase your confidence to become an artist. If you are a beginner, we recommend you start with this activity as it doesn’t require any technical skillset. All you need to do is move the brush in accordance with a system and you will be creating a masterpiece.

Don’t worry about the materials that are required, MiiCreative is known for producing unique paint by numbers kits that will cover all your needs from canvas to brushes.

Custom Paint by Numbers

If you want your favourite photo to turn into a painting, we got you covered with our Custom Paint by Numbers kit. Imagine how good it is to have unlimited possibilities of making something that is meaningful, not to mention your own choice of pictures. Those dreams that you have of painting your own portrait have just gotten a lot easier. Custom paint by numbers will assist you in unleashing your inner Rembrandt that you didn’t even know existed. MiiCreative will produce the kits that have got everything that you need, including brushes, canvas, and your pre-made painting canvas.

Unlike all the other kits, the personalized touch is just perfect. You can work on a painting and can even gift it to someone special without any difficulty. Re-creating those joyous moments with your hands will have more meaning as well.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

Custom Paint by Numbers: Some things to Consider

We have put together a list of some of the important things to consider before you choose your picture for custom paint by numbers.

  1. Your photo should feature a good contrast, it should be sharp and bright. It is quite essential that you choose a photo of good quality because it will have a great impact on the outcome of the artwork.
  2. When you are choosing the size of the painting, make sure it is the same as the aspect ratio of your picture. It is necessary to avoid distortion.
  3. It is always good to start anything that is easy. So, make sure that you choose a picture that you can easily paint.
  4. Your picture should not be blurred, it should feature good details. The detail factor is the one that makes or breaks your picture.

Now that you know what paint by numbers is, here’s what you need to do. Don’t let the critics get you. You are the one that matters, so don’t hold back being creative, take photos and turn them into custom paint by numbers. Enjoy the time painting something that you and your loved ones will enjoy. It will definitely please you to see such amazing results through this activity. Custom paint by numbers could be the perfect gift you can give to your loved ones.


If you are looking to enhance your skills and pursue this career with high confidence, you ought to try the paint by numbers. You’ll get to learn many art techniques and concepts that will assist you in getting better. You’ll know your way around working with the usage of different colours, and your coordination, as well as your brushwork. So, don’t miss out on such a wonderful activity. Now, as an artist, you engage people around you and get them familiar with what Paint by Numbers is. You should tell them about how it makes painting so easy for beginners.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit