question mark drawing on blackboard


 question mark drawing on blackboard

“What Is Paint by Numbers?” Some of us didn’t know about these kits, but this hasn’t been the case ever since the whole craze back in 2013 happened. After I became aware of Paint by Numbers, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. And just like any other millennial, I looked it up on the internet and found out about its fascinating history. 

Custom Paint by Number Paints with brush

Painting by Numbers is a system where a canvas is outlined with a drawing and is divided into segments of different shapes and sizes. These segments are marked with numbers, which correspond to a particular color. As you paint within the segments, you’ll eventually fill the blank spaces with vibrant colors, and finish with a beautiful painting in the end.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

What Is Paint by Numbers And What Made It So Popular?

The idea started when a man named Dan Robbins, who worked at Palmer Show Card Paint Company at the time, painted an original artwork and then placed a plastic sheet over the image and outlined shape according to shade and hue. The outline segments were given numbers that matched a particular color. During the 1950s, the Paint by Numbers kits were born and sold to the masses with the tagline “Every man a Rembrandt,” which proved a successful tagline. The kits proved popular, as it sold 12 million throughout its run. These Paint by Numbers kits are still a cultural phenomenon and is considered as one of the top beneficial leisure activities in the current century. 

a painting master working in his workshop with paints

Dan Robbins created these kits with the objective of letting everyone experience the beauty of this skill, and its outcome. Anyone can enjoy these kits. It has no age restrictions, plus it gives you the artistic freedom you want as an artist. No need to worry about your technical skills in art with paint by numbers because it requires no skills! As long as you follow the system and go with the natural flow of your brush, you’ll have your masterpiece done in no time!

woman painting paint by numbers landscape

If you worry about the materials you need, the kits we provide has got you covered! We provide a canvas, paint pots, and brushes needed for you to complete your painting. So all you really need is yourself and some time to relax and be productive through painting!

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

What is Paint by Numbers again?

Paint by Numbers is for those who want to improve their artistic abilities. It’s essentially a great hands-on guide because it teaches you different art concepts and techniques, such as working with colors without the reading and also improves your coordination and brushwork. Surely, you don’t want to miss out!

woman holding brush painting custom paint by numbers with acrylic paints

“What is paint by numbers? Is it worth the try?” If someone asks you, you will want them to try it first-hand. If you want something better, you can even Paint your Own Photo as a Paint by Numbers! All you need to do So don’t forget to share what you know about paint by numbers by visiting us at the MiiCreative Store, and enjoy Dan Robbin’s gift to the world! 

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit