vintage portrait painting of a woman in a room

Vintage Painting Techniques to Incorporate in Your Next Project

vintage portrait painting of a woman in a room

This quarantine period has all of us unleashing a more creative side which is why it’s always nice to apply vintage painting techniques to our project

A lot of people have been stuck at home and they’ve been coming up with ways to pass their time. Some people have gone into rigorous workouts, while others opt to take up culinary skills. If you are part of the group that decided to go into art, then we should introduce vintage painting techniques to incorporate in your next project.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

How to Start Your Paintings:

A lot of people get intimidated by the idea of starting a painting from scratch, which is why we suggest using customized paint by number kits if you’re looking for something you can start with that comes with a guide and all the colors you need to paint the picture.

While this kit does come with a print of your chosen picture, there are ways you can apply vintage painting techniques that can give your project a timeless vibe that would make it different from all the other paint by number kits. Here are a few ways you can amplify your project: 

  • Splash some water: Adding small drops of water can dilute the colors on your painting, make sure not to use too much water, just enough to make it look like it’s slightly water damaged to give it a faded look.
    splash technique for vintage art style

  • Add paint thinner: If you’re looking for a more extreme way to thin out your colors, you can add some paint thinner on a piece of cloth and dab the areas you want to thin out. We suggest doing this if you have more control over the painting.

  • Use antiquing glaze: The fastest way to give your painting a more antique feel is by using an antiquing glaze. You can purchase this from any craft store. Just make sure to use it sparingly to preserve the original colors of your paint-by-numbers kit.

  • Bleach your painting with the sun: Leaving your painting to dry in the sun out will give it a bleached effect. If you don’t want to leave it outside to get damaged by the elements, you can always let the painting dry by a window that is exposed to the most sunlight.
    bleaching out painting by the window with the sun
  • Use an antique frame: After successfully bleaching your painting, you can also use a vintage frame from the flea market to give it an antiquated look. You can find some great deals, and often times cleaning these frames gives you a whole other perspective.
    wooden antique frame with simple background

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

Why You Should Start with a Paint-by-numbers Kit:  

When it comes to your first painting, it’s important that you are comfortable and prepared to take on this task. Being stuck at home for a long time can take a toll on your mental health, and a great way to boost your mental energy is by participating in activities that are calming and easy to do.

However, not everyone is born with skills like Picasso and Van Gogh, and starting a painting can be intimidating on its own, which is why we suggest starting with a paint-by-numbers kit

woman holding paint by number paints with paintbrush for painting at home

If you want to paint something more personal, you can turn your photos into a Paint-by-Numbers kit at MiiCreativeA lot of skills can be learned from this guided activity, and who knows, you might eventually get the confidence to paint without the use of a guide.  

Key Takeaways: 

Whether you’re someone who has a penchant for vintage items or just want to make your paintings look like they’ve aged for a while, these vintage painting techniques will give you the effect that you want.
Custom Paint by Numbers Kit