Woman enjoying painting by numbers

Useful Skills You Can Learn Through Paint by Numbers

Woman enjoying painting outdoors

In my years of existence, I’ve been taught over and over again, that every minute and hour we rifle through is priceless. This made me overvalue time, and worry too much about the future. A few others experience this as well, which is why a few of us wade through life focusing only on the more “important” useful skills to learn without really developing our unearthed talents and hobbies. Yes, pursuing a hobby has its disadvantages. It can be time-consuming, costly, and even life-threatening for others. However, it also has its rewarding advantages. Hobbies like Paint by Numbers can help you nurture your creativity and discover hidden talents, plus it also comes with a couple of useful skills you can benefit from!

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4 Useful Life Skills From Paint by Numbers:


As mentioned several times by countless articles, painting is a great meditation exercise. This state of mindfulness gives you the time to truly analyze yourself and allows you to focus more on what’s going on in front of you. It can help you let go of the past and stop you from worrying about what’s next to come. The practice of self-awareness through mindfulness can not only benefit you psychologically but physically too!

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Learning how to properly handle a brush is one of the useful skills you can learn through Paint by Numbers. This can help regulate hand movements, which is especially beneficial for elderly people. It not only increases mobility but prevents motor movement deterioration as well. These fine motor skills developed by Paint by Numbers and other hands-on activities can help you create brain shortcuts. Plus, they’re practical enough to be implemented into your day-to-day routine! 

elderly man painting with paint by numbers

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Non-verbal communication

Amidst the hustle and bustle of socializing, being able to communicate and understand other people without using words is a gift. It’s a way of understanding others and is something that and everyone should develop within their lifetime. In fact, our ancestors used to communicate through body language. Which is usually partnered with, symbols and drawings on rocks which happened way before different languages were invented.

Photo of woman looking at her work

It was their main form of expression. So the bottom line is, learn how to experiment with different paint forms through paint by numbers. Other than learning how to paint, also try studying old paintings from masters. Really go in-depth and empathize with their emotions, as well as your own. These methods can help your useful skills flourish in a non-verbal way, and assists in unleashing your feelings without words.

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Just like every other task, painting can be a process you have to pull through step-by-step. And depending on how intricate your paint by number piece is, it may require a lot of time to complete. Yes, being patient is a tough skill to master, but it’s one of the useful skills you can learn through this hobby. Once you practice patience, you’ll find the quality of your life improving, which then decreases your stress and anxiety levels. 

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Key Takeaway:

Useful skills, contrary to popular belief, can be acquired through fun hobbies. Don’t pick up a habit or a skill by being harsh on yourself. Stop putting too much pressure and do something that you love. Just like that, you learn to appreciate how important taking up a hobby like painting really is and start learning useful life skills your way!

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