Useful Skills that You Can Learn by Yourself

Useful Skills that You Can Learn by Yourself

Learning is a lifetime process that shouldn’t stop after finishing your degree. One must continue learning new things through life outside educational institutions. The thing is, you can learn useful skills all by yourself if you want to. Doing so will bring advantages to your career and everyday life. Thus, these skills can even help you financially--either help you gain money or save you money because you can do it by yourself instead of calling someone to do it for you. What are some of the skills that you can learn? That’s what we’ll discuss today. In this article, we will provide a list of different skills that you can learn. Let’s get started.

The pandemic has been a rough time for all of us and it kept us contained in our homes most of the time with very little things to do. To keep our minds sane and hands occupied, it would be nice to create something that will bust your boredom bubble while helping you de-stress at the same time. Some of us might have an ambivalent attitude towards learning due to school but studying can be fun! It teaches you valuable lessons that you can use in the future. Thus, now that we have the advantages on the internet, why not make the most out of it since anything can be searched all over the web? You can sign up for Masterclass(es), watch free tutorials on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram about arts, crafts, cooking, baking, and many more. With all the information online with just a few clicks, learning is more convenient than ever.

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Useful Skills to Learn this Year

  1. How to learn almost about anything: 

    The skill of teaching yourself to learn and to be a student in all aspects of life is very valuable and practical. We spent so much time in school learning science, language, mathematics, and other subjects but do we really know how to learn? Learning by yourself sounds hard. Thinking of such probably made you recall how hard school was, especially if you had to sit down by yourself in the library learning geometry. The key to achieving this skill is to learn how your brain works (it’s just like getting to know yourself, but better). Thus, find a learning technique that suits you, focus on your goals, and concentrate.

  2. Basic finances: 

    Most of us haven’t learned basic personal finance in school, unless you’ve taken accountancy or business-related courses. Many of us have limited knowledge in this field so we end up being bad at budgeting, handling our money, taxes, and debts. We have very little investments or no investments at all, little to no savings, and not financially-prepared enough for emergency situations like the ongoing pandemic that we’re facing. The pandemic should be a lesson to us that we shouldn’t take money for granted. So, money management and learning how to invest are some of the financial skills that you have to cultivate.

    Apart from the above mentioned, here are the other essential Money 101 things that you should consider learning:
      • Insurance
      • Retirement funds
      • Estate planning
      • Credit and debts
      • Trading stocks

    These will not only help you save and grow your finances in the long run, but can also help you and your beneficiaries worry significantly less about the unforeseen tomorrow. 

  3. Everything arts and crafts: 

    If you want to go with something light that doesn’t take much time, then learning different artistic skills and craftsmanship is the way to go. These are useful if you are trying to be more creative this year or simply want to bust the boredom in your home. There are tons of arts and crafts activities that you can learn starting with painting, clay sculpting, calligraphy, lettering, drawing, and so much more. You can try something new each time or you can focus on one field, master it, and proceed to the other. It’s all up to you. The important thing is that you’re having fun while relaxing yourself and improving your brain function at the same time. Moreover, getting really good at arts and crafts can help you gain money through selling your creations.

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  4. The art of organizing:  

    If there is something that you can do that is totally worth your time and effort, it’s learning how to organize and declutter your life holistically. The art of organizing and decluttering is definitely life-changing and mood-lifting. There is a well-known method of eliminating the mess in your life that is all over the internet. It’s called the Kon Mari method which was introduced by Marie Kondo. She wrote a book titled, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up that can help you start with cleaning your home-- throw away the things that are unnecessary and tidy up what’s left. It’s truly magical how your house can be transformed into a peaceful place that can change your vibes. After cleaning your home, it’s time to reevaluate your life. Organize yourself--make a daily schedule to keep a structure on a day-to-day basis, keep a journal and a planner, throw away the negative people in your life, and focus on the positive side of life. Organizing and decluttering are truly some of the useful skills that can benefit your physical surroundings and mental health.

  5. Computer literacy:

    The job market is getting more competitive as years go by and one of the top skills that they look for on applicant resumes is computer literacy. Thus, since we are living in a pandemic, most of us need to make a great shift to the online world so we’re forced to learn about computers, using databases, softwares, etc. Now, this isn’t just about basic use of apps like Microsoft Word and Excel, but mastering these apps and using them to your advantage. Coding, content management systems, computer and web programming are some of the useful skills you should consider learning.

Go Up and Never Stop Learning

The above listed are just some of the useful skills that you can learn at home. Learning new skills in today’s world is truly valuable as you can use them in many aspects in life. Once you’ve learned the ones from the list, make another list of skills that you want to learn before the end of the year to make your life more meaningful and productive.

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