Unconventional Props for Your Next Painting

Unconventional Props for Your Next Painting

Using conventional materials results in conventional artworks. We mostly resort to the use of paint, canvas, and brushes to make a painting. However, there is more to art than just following the traditions. When you try something unconventional, you expand your horizons which improves your creativity. Today, we look at some of the coolest props for your next painting that you can try at home.

Everything that we do as humans is based on traditions that have lasted for centuries. However, we also evolve and adapt to the ever-changing environment. Just like in art, it evolved from one style to another, creating over 10 major artistic movements that spanned for almost a millennium. Though we respect the traditional way of creating art, modern art is encouraging every artist to do the unusual and unconventional, to try something new. 

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The Different Props for Your Next Painting that You Can Try at Home

  1. Shaving cream plus food coloring for paper marbling:

    Paper marbling is one of the earliest art forms that emerged in Turkey and other Persian countries during the 15th century. Known as ebru or abri, paper marbling is a technique of transferring colors and designs by submerging the paper in pigmented water. The great thing about this technique is that no outcome comes out exactly the same. The only con side of marbling with water is that it’s quite tricky-- you either make it or break it, because it can ruin the paper if you submerge it for too long. A great solution for this is to use shaving cream as a pigment ground for the colors where you submerge the paper.

    It’s so easy; you only have to prepare a layer of shaving cream, put drops of food coloring in the cream and swirl it around to make beautiful patterns, put the paper on top of it, and scrape the excess cream before you let it dry.

  2. Balloons and dart for splatter art:

    There is beauty in abstraction. Abstract art may not accurately represent human reality, but the soul inside us speaks when we connect your emotions to our canvas. It’s fun to play with different colors on a canvas and that’s why a lot of artists, non-artists, and even kids enjoy making a large splatter art canvas. It’s a fun painting project if you’re planning to work on a large canvas without getting intimidated about the size. Plus, it’s a good center wall display somewhere in your home.

    The rule is simple: pop the paint-filled balloons on the canvas in your desired direction and let the painting flow. Of course, you shouldn’t forget to put used plastic covers or old newspapers around your working surface. It’s preferable to make this outside because of how messy it could get. But the mess is definitely worth it. The outcome will look like it’s from Jackson Pollock himself, the master of splatter art.

  3. Different types of cloth to create impeccable textures:

    There are certain textures and finishes that brushes alone cannot do. Hence, you need to think outside the box if you want to add an interesting depth and dimension on your canvas artwork. There are plenty of reasons why you should try to create different textural effects on your painting. First, it gives your art a realistic effect and second, it can help in conveying emotions in your painting. Though you can use palette knives to create texture, we suggest that you use different types of cloth and fabric like cheesecloth or even tissue paper, crumple them, and use them to apply paint on your canvas. The second method is to directly put the cloth or fabric on canvas, move it around a bit, and lift it. Both methods create textural effects that your brushes cannot obtain.

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  4. Yarn for pull string art:

    Beautiful artworks sometimes come from simple objects. Yarn should be one of the must-have props for your next painting. Why? Because you mostly have it somewhere in your house. If not, you can purchase one at the crafts store at a very affordable price. Thus, you don’t actually need to use paint for this project. You can use any mediums like watercolor, gouache, or even food coloring.

  5. Use lace and doilies to create patterns:

    If you’re up for a uniquely patterned design, then you should try painting with laces and doilies. These two aren’t just good as decorations, they’re also great as stencils. Create beautiful and colorful mandalas as perfect as a wall display. You can also use other objects as stencils for your painting so let your creativity run wild!

Go for the Unusual

These are just some of the ways that you can use unconventional props for your next painting. We hope that you try each of them and that you continue to expand your horizons so that you can find other objects to use for your upcoming painting projects. Remember that the sky's the only limit to your creativity and imagination, so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Let us know which one among these props for your next painting list is your favorite. Also, don’t be afraid to tell people the unusual items or regular household items that you use to create artworks.

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