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Woman with glasses painting for the first time

Ever dream about being an artist but don’t know where to begin? With so many paint sets, kits, and other enticing art mediums to try, it can be overwhelming for you to choose.

If you want to learn about the different kits and are wondering the kind of products they have, then look no further! This article will cover some things you need to know about Professional Artist Kits, Paint Starter Sets, and Paint by Number Kits.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

Professional Artist Kits

Professional painters often explore different methods, techniques, and mediums, which is why most of them require a variety of painting supplies like the samples below:

  • Painting Tools:
    • A P ainting Easel
    • 12 Pieces Oil/Acrylic Brush Set
    • 15 Piece Mini Brush Set (for detailing)
    • Paint palette
    • Color Mixing Wheel

    Painting materials for art

  •  3 Types of Art Paint:
    • 24 colors - Acrylic Paint Tubes
    • 24 colors - Oil Paint Tubes
    • 24 colors - Watercolor Paint Tubes

    Assorted soft tube paint bottles

  • Painting & Sketch Pads
    • Acrylic Painting Pad, 12 Sheets
    • Oil Painting Pad, 15 Sheets
    • Heavy-Weight Watercolor Pad, 12 Sheets
    • Sketch Pad, 30 Sheets
  • 2 Types of Canvas
    • Professional Quality Canvas Panels 
    • Professional Quality Stretched Canvas

    This type of kit is excellent if you wanna try exploring yourself even if you’re a beginner. Though, if you want to focus and learn techniques for a particular kind of paint(e.g., acrylic paint),  then it’s better to get a straightforward kit specifically for acrylics and save yourself the unnecessary cost. 

    Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

    Paint Starter Sets

    If you're still starting your art journey, always keep in mind that you only need basic painting supplies . That’ll help you avoid the confusing advanced methods and concentrate more on mastering fundamental painting skills. Always remember that having solid knowledge is the best way to go! 

    Person looking and holding acrylic paints with brush

    And since we’re talking about Starter Sets, this simple Acrylic Paint Kit supplies list is a great example and is essential if you wanna give acrylics a shot. The kit contains: 

    • A Painting Easel
    • 12 color - Acrylic Paint Tube Colors
    • Plastic Palette
    • Color Mixing Wheel
    • 7 pcs. Nylon Brush Set & 6 pcs. Piece Artist Bristle Brush Set
    • Quality Canvas Panels
    • Acrylic Painting Paper Pad, 12-Sheets

    Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

    Paint by Number Kits

    If you’re not ready to paint but want to test the waters first, then Paint by Numbers is a great hands-on way for you to learn! The predesigned template relieves you of the creative pressure and gives you ample time and focus to improve your technical painting skills. After you’ve mastered the basics, you can then prioritize developing your creative side. It doesn’t only enhance your skills in painting but gives added mental well-being benefits for adults and kids alike.   Paint by Number kits usually comes with the following items:

    • A Canvas with pre-printed contours
    • Ready-to-paint acrylic paint pots
    • A set of 3 brushes (small, medium & large)

    Custom Paint by Number Paints with brush

    Once you’re dead set on choosing from the Professional Artist Kits, Starter Sets, or Paint by Number Kits, it’s time for you to assess and consider these two factors before buying:

    Quality doesn’t mean choosing the more popular brand, it’s based on your preference. The more comfortable you feel, the more value it has.

    Your budget should be a priority, especially with the on-going pandemic. Starting a hobby doesn’t have to be expensive, so always be on the look-out for affordable paint sets and kits, and discount sales!

    Speaking of discount sales, the MiiCreative Store is having one right now. So if you want to try the wonders of Paint by Numbers, head over and get our exclusive discounts!

    Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

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