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Practical Ways to Find Your Inspiration as an Artist

As an artist, it is inevitable that there will be days where you’re loaded with creativity, full of ideas and concepts for your next project. There are moments when you’ll have sparks for plans and project ideas, one after the other. However, it is also inevitable that you'll have dull days where you can barely find sources of inspiration to keep you going as an artist. This is what you call an artist’s block or creative block wherein your mind is not flooded with ideas. Don’t be scared though as it is not unusual for most artists. In fact, it happens to everyone at any time. But, the great thing is that there are multiple ways to keep your creative juices flowing through your veins. Wanna know how to keep it going? Well, you’re in luck because in this article, we will be discussing the different practical ways you could find your inspiration as an artist. Let’s get started.

Artist’s blocks cannot really be avoided. Sometimes, days like that indicate that maybe you need to pause, take a break, and do some things for yourself. And during this process, that’s where inspiration comes handy. When you do something nice for yourself, a self-care activity that does not include any chores, job work, or stressful activities, that’s usually when inspiration lands. The thing is, finding inspiration as an artist does not have a single formula that works for every artist. It differs from one artist to the other; what works for some may not work for others. However, the steps that we have here are proven and tested ways that have been shown as helpful and practical to many. We hope that the suggestions below work on your end. Thus, don’t be afraid to get creative at this point! After all, inspiration and creativity have multiple directions, not just a single one.

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A Journey to Find Your Inspiration as an Artist

So, you’re seriously committed to being an artist and there is no turning back. Other than creativity, imagination, and art supplies, inspiration is the other key factor in order to become a great artist. Let’s find out some ways to help you find your inspiration as an artist:


Many painters, fashion designers, interior designers, and alike have a section on their wall, usually a whiteboard, a pinboard, or a mesh board where they can note all their ideas at once. They don’t have to be organized. Most mood boards (or vision boards) are actually random and the idea is to take junk, flowers, textiles, magazine and newspaper cutouts, quotes, etc. and pin them to your board. That way, you can find your inspiration at one place and use it for your project. 

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It’s all about finding a balance in life and discovering all the good things. By reconnecting yourself with nature, you’ll find true beauty and inspiration. Nature is beautiful and powerful. In fact, many artists source their inspiration from nature, no matter what type of art they create. So allow yourself to go to a place where you can see the true beauty of nature. Because by doing so, you’re not only allowing yourself to see aestheticism, you’re also allowing yourself to ponder, reflect on things, and find harmony within yourself. That’s what art and life is all about.

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Use your gadgets sparingly because it is very easy to get distracted with all the buzzes from the internet, especially due to social media platforms. Though sometimes, it is quite helpful to look on the internet and social media to find your inspiration as an artist through looking at other people’s art, it’s quite unhealthy too. Why? Because your productivity can be compromised and you’re prone to procrastination when you’re on gadgets most of the time. So, use the internet sparingly and to your own advantage; while it has many pros, it also comes with some cons that can affect your art. Moreover, spending too much time on social media to look at artworks can create comparisons on your end where you might end up comparing the works and talents of others to yours. Remember, find inspiration but don’t do an unhealthy comparison.

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The best way to find inspiration as an artist is to create projects by yourself. Push yourself, step out of your comfort zone, get wild with your creativity and imagination, and do something you’ve never done before. It might take a couple of trials but don’t be afraid to fail because it can also be a learning opportunity. Art is not just about creating, it’s also about experimenting that can help you innovate and find your own unique style. By doing so, you’re also a step closer to knowing where to find inspirations for your next projects or creations.

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These few steps are practical, proven, and tested by many artists. We hope that you find your inspiration as an artist that can help you create your own niche, unique style, and creative approaches for your artwork. Now that you’ve finished reading this, it’s time to apply these principles and start creating your art. Good luck and have fun!

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