Perfect Ideas of Pictures to Paint

Perfect Ideas of Pictures to Paint

After getting the right painting supplies, it is easy to start and make your first painting. But the challenge is not having an idea of the pictures to paint. Having the right supplies is every painter's desire, but not even that will let you fight the creative block (A state of mind when you just can't think of anything to paint). It is something common in artists. When you are starting to paint, it is okay not to be sure what to paint. This is a journey like any other that requires patience and practice. Even the skillful artists started somewhere. The secret is to try out different items.

When you can't think of anything to paint it can be an amazing moment to try out new things. For this, we have listed some pictures to paint. We have categorized the ideas into four. The first is from you and family, then the next one is from your environment. The third is from memories and lastly, ideas resulting from your imagination.

It's recommended when going through the list you consider: what sounds refreshing to paint? What will help you get more skills? Pictures to help you exercise different techniques are also a great idea. Moreover, consider something inspirational to you and others. This will help you experience the joy of your work as it will be loved by you and others.

Painting Ideas that you can try out

Let’s dive into the ideas that we recommend you to look at. This will help you open up and think of better ideas.


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Easy painting ideas from you and your family

Your real-life can inspire you to come up with a painting. The pictures to paint can range from a list of your favorite pictures in your album or a portrait. You can also source some ideas from your family and friends within your circle. For example, a picture in your favorite tracksuit sounds like a good idea or a free-style picture with your friends. Name them and work on them one by one. Here is the list to consider:

- Your favorite movie star
- Different facial expressions (from real life)
- A friend holding a glass of juice
- A birthday cake painting
- Wonderful kitchen moments with family
- Your portrait, friend’s or a family member
- A family friend watering flowers
- A birthday gift you received
- Your valentines favorite flower bouquet
-The best pet in your home

Ideas from your environment

We get inspiration from different creatures, plants, selenic mountain views, etc. This can be a great list to consider when looking for pictures to paint. Nature has always got something beautiful to show and teach us. Think of the rainbow, the ideas are endless. Get something that you like in your environment. Try designing them to meet different occasions. For example, a leafy tree in winter that sheds its leaf during summer. You can even spot more ideas during hikes. Here is a list to start with:

- Beautiful view of the beach
- A Meandering river
- A view of fluffy clouds
- Your home flower bed
- Birds in your neighborhood (include artistic representation of their chirping)
- A fish underwater
- Your favorite butterfly
- A colorful peacock
- A bowl full of strawberries

If possible, try relating this with different life lessons one can learn from the painting. For example, a painting of a butterfly in its habitat can contain a lesson about protecting the animals in our environment.

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Ideas for recreating memories

Painting is a perfect way to bring out the amazing memories that you remember from your childhood. This is a good idea as it will refresh you when you think of the good times you hand during an event. There are many things to consider here; it all depends on the memories you have. You can also mark an anniversary using panting.

- Your childhood home
- A toy or favorite carton you loved
- Old pair of shoes
- Childhood friend
- A prize-giving event
- First video game
- Favorite characters in olden movies
- An old-school portrait

    Insightful ideas resulting from your imagination

    When imagination is expressed artistically, it brings out and teaches different lessons. It can even be used to bring hope for the future. This should inspire you to think and come up with a creative imaginative painting as an idea of a picture to paint. You don't have to think of complex concepts. You can even create an imaginative painting based on different trends, for example, the future of robotics if you are a technology enthusiast.

    - An image inspiration from your favorite storybook
    - Your dream car
    - A pet reading a newspaper
    - A person made out of tiny bubbles
    - Sarcastic rain of “cat and dogs”
    - A multicolored rainbow


      Pictures to paint are everywhere around our lives. You need to be creative and think about how you can present different items with your skill. If you find it hard to look around you, then creating an imaginative painting also sounds like a great idea. As you paint more, you will find it more fun to paint different items. The ideas above can help you to come up with ideas for pictures to paint. You can even add more ideas to the list. 

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