PBN Kits: The Best Gift for Family and Friends

PBN Kits: The Best Gift for Family and Friends

Painting by yourself already gives you different positive feelings. But these feelings can be enhanced when you do the activity with your family or friends. Whether you paint together or do it in your separate houses, showing the process of your painting kits would be great to alleviate stress, anxiety, boredom, and most importantly, loneliness. Other than skill improvement, there are also physical, mental, and psychological benefits that you can get from painting. Hence, we recommend everyone to venture into this creative pursuit through painting by numbers. Now, a lot of people may start to wonder if PBN kits are worth the buy. So, in this regard, we will be answering a very common customer query: “how is this a good gift for family and friends?”

If you wanna learn more, keep on reading to satisfy your curiosity. We hope to have this question answered by the end of the article. Feel free to ask more questions of our customer support team if you have any queries!

Now that the holidays are fast approaching, many people have asked us this question: “how is this a good gift for family and friends?” We all know that you want to make your loved ones feel special this holiday season, so giving them great gifts that come from the heart can make the upcoming season even more special. Before we proceed to the pros of giving paint by number kits, let us first discuss what paint by numbers kits are and what they come with so that you will know how valuable and giftable they are.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

What are Paint by Numbers Kits?

If you're new here, welcome! We hope that you’ll enjoy painting by numbers and discover the wonders of painting without being an actual artist. You’ve probably heard of the phrase “paint by numbers” more than a thousand times now ever since the pandemic hit but to refresh your memories, these are kits that come with basic materials that will teach you the basics of painting-- from brushwork, to blending, color theory, and many more.

These kits remain a classic since their first mass reproduction in the early 1950s. Great for kids, adults, and seniors regardless of their painting skills. Unlike regular artist canvas, PBN canvas is already outlined with an image of your choice, separated with contours and marked with numbers. These numbers match with colors in the paint pot of the same number.

Materials that Come with PBN kits

Paint by Numbers kits come with basic supplies that will teach you how to be an artist without going over your budget. Here at MiiCreative, we offer affordable yet high quality custom paint by number kits that come with the best materials. MiiCreative kits come with:

- A pre-printed high definition 40x50 cm or 16x20 inch canvas 
- A pre-mixed water-based acrylic paint set (you can choose from 24, 36, and 48 colors)
- A set of three brushes

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

How is This a Good Gift for Family and Friends?

Now that we have given you a good introduction of paint by numbers kits and the materials that they come with, let’s talk about the focal question of this article which is: “how is this a good gift for family and friends?” Well, a lot of customers have asked that recently and we have some great reasons why you should give them painting kits this holiday season:

  1. PBN kits are great stress relievers:

    The pandemic that has been going on for over two years has been rough for everyone. Some have lost their jobs, have decreased income, and other problems. Maybe some of your friends or relatives have experienced similar circumstances that are extremely hard for them to go through. These painting kits will remind them of the beauty of life through art, and that painting is scientifically backed to be a great stress and anxiety reliever due to its relaxing and calming effects when you indulge in the creative process. Thus, having a creative outlet is great for everyone to release their emotional tensions that can be difficult to release through words.

  2. MiiCreative Custom PBN kits are personalized:

    Personalized gifts make the best gift however, personalized mugs and shirts are quite overrated now. Give them a canvas with your favorite photo of the two of you together or your favorite selfie of them, or a photo of their beloved pet instead. We convert images into a personalized canvas and you have different options that will suit you to their preferences. This kit will be a great surprise to them once they know that they can paint actual pictures just like the old master painters!  

  3. These kits are affordable:

    Perhaps the most appealing answer to the question, “how is this a good gift for family and friends?” is that PBN kits are affordable on this site. We know that a lot of people are sticking to a budget so not to worry, MiiCreative sells affordable custom paint by numbers kits that are high quality. Plus, we also have special discounts, so watch out! For less than $30 USD, you and your loved ones can experience how it's like to be an artist, so it's definitely a must try!

  4. Great for keepsake:

    Personalized paint by numbers kits from MiiCreative are very memorable. Other than the fact that it comes from your heart, it will also give them good times. Thus, it can be framed and displayed once finished, allowing them to remember you, and perhaps becoming the best gift that you’ve given to them.

  5. Free shipping anywhere in the world:

    Whether you’re near or far from them, MiiCreative will deliver your ordered kits right at the very doorsteps. Such can also diminish your expenses and help you avoid going into busy shopping malls to skip the lines this holiday season. How convenient, right? We know that everyone might not be able to see their loved ones during this pandemic but nonetheless, we suggest that you do a live video call with them as part of a virtual Christmas party to see the smile on their faces when they open the gift that came from your heart.


Now that we’ve answered the question, “how is this a great gift for family and friends?” we hope that you take some insights and valuable information from this article. Thus, we hope that we helped you in making a decision on which gift/s to buy for the upcoming festive season! Should you have more queries regarding our painting kits feel free to talk to our customer support team. 

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit