PBN Events You Can Organize and Enjoy

PBN Events You Can Organize and Enjoy

Most of us surely miss spending time outside with our friends and loved ones. Due to pandemic restrictions, most of us are usually at home, doing things by ourselves, and missing our old life. If you feel like you wanna catch up and spend some time with your loved ones without going to bars, restaurants, and other outdoor facilities, then you can host a small private event (for not more than five people, depending on the gathering restrictions in your area). Try to do something unique and enjoyable for you and your friends or family members in your home. Prepare a small amount of food or do potluck and do a little bit of arts and crafts. Recently, small painting events where small groups of friends can paint, relax, and spend time with each other have become really popular as a form of bonding time. So, why not try that to spice things up? To help you get started, we will give you some ideas for PBN events you can organize that you can enjoy with your friends or loved ones. 

If you’re planning to spend time with a bunch of friends or family members, make sure that you invite a few people only (not more than 4 or 5 people) because we’re still in a pandemic. If you’re planning to do a PBN event, it doesn’t really have to be organized, it can be casual and informal so you and your loved ones can feel comfortable and relaxed. To make it easier for you, we will highlight some of the reminders and steps that you need to remember. We will also list some ideas to put some twist in your small gathering. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

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How to Host PBN Events (and some important reminders)

  1. Invite your loved ones: A small group of friends or relatives would be appropriate for PBN events. Set a date and time and don’t forget to remind everyone about the painting event a day or two before the date so that everyone won’t miss it.

    Reminder: Even though you’re only with a small circle, wear face masks to be safe.

  2. Get your painting kits: MiiCreative offers affordable and high quality custom paint by numbers kits with complete basic materials that you and your friends can enjoy. We have different variations of custom kits that you can choose based on the theme of your PBN events. To order, simply go to the MiiCreative website by clicking here, choose your custom kits/s, upload the images one by one (per order) and wait for the orders to be delivered at your doorstep. Be sure to do this ahead of time before the event.

  3. Prepare: What’s it gonna be? A potluck lunch? A tea party? A dinner? Or a night out with a few drinks? That depends on you! The event doesn’t have to be perfect, but make sure to prepare so that things will go smoothly and you can just relax, paint, and bond with your guests. 

    Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

Ideas for PBN Events that You Can Organize and Host at Your Home

You don’t have to go outdoors to enjoy a moment with a small circle of your loved ones. You can just organize it by yourself and invite them to the comfort of your home. That way, COVID-19 transmission is unlikely. Here are some PBN ideas that you can do with your friends or family:

  1. Painting with wine and champagne: If you miss going out for drinks, then you can purchase a bottle or two of wine or champagne, prepare a cheese board (and other food) and organize a wine night with your loved ones. But here’s the twist: you paint each other’s favorite portrait or selfies as you sip, eat, and socialize.

  2. “Movie” night with the gals: Everyone surely misses going to the cinema to watch a movie. Since most cinemas are closed, it’s time for you to get creative and bring the cinema to your house. Instead of watching movies though, you can discuss your favorite films with your loved ones and while doing that, you paint a poster of your favorite movie! This is a great opportunity to get to know each other better so don’t forget to make popcorn!

  3. Family night with Paint by Numbers: You can make a special day for you and your family at your home. No need to invite others, just the people at your home so that you can strengthen your bond with each other. Prepare special food or just call for pizza or your favorite take out food and spend the night doing a family picture while enjoying each other’s company and having a laugh with the kids.

  4. Celebrate National Pet Memorial Day with your fellow pet-loving friends: On September 13, we will be honoring our beloved pets in order to reminisce about the precious life they’ve shared with us. They may not be with us today, but their memories live on as long as we live. And what’s a better way than to create a royal-themed painting of them that shows how loyal and noble they were to you? To get you and your pet-loving friends started, select a MiiCreative Custom PBN, upload your image, and personalize the painting according to your preferences. 


We hope that these ideas of PBN events can help you organize a small get together with your friends, relatives, or family where you can have fun, enjoy, and relax while painting by numbers. The best thing about PBN events is that you’ll not only relish the moment with your loved ones, you’ll also have a great painting to display somewhere on your walls so that the memory will never fade. 

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit