PBN Basics: How Can I Turn My Kit into a Painting?

PBN Basics: How Can I Turn My Kit into a Painting?

It’s 2023 and if you’ve been wanting to join the hype and try paint by numbers kits, then now is your chance. Ever since the kits became popular, a lot of people have been wondering if there is a proper way to do painting by numbers. The thing is, this painting activity couldn’t be any simpler. All you have to do is to follow a single instruction: to match the colors according to its corresponding number in the canvas. Looking at the canvas in the beginning may intimidate you– it’s large and you might not know where to start. It’s full of numbers and it may even look confusing for some. But PBN kits are just like jigsaw puzzles: they may be confusing at first simply because you don’t know where to start but slowly and surely, the image will be revealed just by following the golden instruction. With these, let’s go back to the basics as we answer one of the frequently asked questions from our website: how can I turn my kit into a painting? Continue reading if you wanna find out the answer to this question!


Even though paint by numbers kits are more popular than ever thanks to the internet, we cannot assume that everyone has tried them already. Some people may have given kits as a gift during a special occasion but they do not consider themselves a painter, while some might have been wanting to try these kits ever since so they bought one for themselves. Regardless of such, trying painting will be the best thing you’ll do for yourself, even though you do not consider yourself artsy. We’re here to guide you in your artistic journey and help you through the creative process. So, without further ado, let’s learn the basic things that you need to know about paint by numbers as well as how to get one for yourself or for your loved ones. 

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

Where Do I Begin?

Your paint by numbers journey begins when you have your own kit already. So before we answer the question, “how can I turn my kit into a painting?” Let us briefly have an overview of how to purchase from MiiCreative, select your photo for the kit, and how to upload it on the site. 

If you haven’t heard about MiiCreative yet, this is one of the best PBN companies that specializes in Custom Paint by Numbers kits. Custom PBN is not just a regular PBN kit because it allows you to do something special: choose your favorite photo. Whether it’s a favorite selfie, an image of a travel destination that you wanna revisit, a pet portrait, or family image, MiiCreative can turn your image into a high quality painting kit that you can enjoy.

The website is pretty straightforward and you can navigate it easily. You can browse all the available products in the “Custom Art” section and from there, you can select which product you want to avail. 

Selecting Photos for the Canvas

While you have the freedom to select any photo that you want to be turned into a painting kit, we recommend that you follow some guidelines so that the aesthetic quality of your painting won’t be compromised. Here are some things that you need to keep in mind when selecting an image:

  1. The photo should be of high quality and not blurred.
  2. Select an image with 4:5 ratio because the size of the canvas is 16x20 inches or 40x50 cm.
  3. Keep in mind these three things: good brightness, contrast, and sharpness.
  4. The photo should not be dark.
  5. Avoid selecting images that have a cluttered background.

Uploading the Photo

This step couldn’t be any simpler. All you have to do is to click the “tap to upload” button and from there, select the image that you want. Once you’ve uploaded the photo, you can select the number of painting colors that you want to use in your canvas. This flexible option makes the painting kit more skill-appropriate. You can select between three options: 24 colors for a standard kit, perfect for beginners; 36 colors if you want the kit to be more detailed, and 48 colors if you want a challenge to make your painting look more realistic.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

Turning Your PBN Kit into the Painting

This section is probably what you’ve been anticipating. Now that we have provided everything you need to know to start, let us answer the question, “how can I turn my kit into a painting?” While all you have to follow is one simple rule, you might want to consider these tips and tricks to improve the aesthetic quality of your painting. After all, you would want to frame and display your canvas somewhere in your wall once you’re done.

  1. Blend the colors in your canvas:

    A painting mistake a lot of beginners make is not teaching themselves how to blend colors properly. This overlooked technique allows you to have a more realistic finish with seamless edges and little to no lines in the canvas. It is achieved by intermingling two colors together when it’s still wet. This technique, however, should be used sparingly so that it won’t end up looking muddy because the goal of blending is to give your painting a clean, smooth finish with subtle lines and contours.

    Here are some tips to take your blending game to the next level:
    - Use the appropriate brush size.
    - Move your hands slightly fast because you need to blend while the paint is still wet.
    - Use acrylic retarders (optional) to slow down the drying process of the paint.
    - When blending, stroke the brush from side to side and brush over any - streaks or sharp lines that may form as a result of this process.
    - To get a smooth blending effect, always clean your brush to avoid unwanted paint colors mixing from each other.

  2. Follow these classic PBN tips recommended by experts of this painting activity:

    - Study color theory as you paint so that you can learn how colors work with each other in terms of values, lights and shadows, etc.
    - Use a white-out pen to erase the numbers when painting in areas with light colors.
    - To avoid smudging colors in the canvas, start painting from the top to the bottom, as you work your way from left to right.
    - Start with bigger areas all the way to delicate areas to make the painting process easier.
    -For a precise and accurate brushwork result, use paint sparingly by doping the tip of the brush in the pigment instead of dipping the whole bristles.

  3. Seal your painting once done and fully dried:

    If you want your canvas to last longer, we recommend you to seal the deal with acrylic varnish. You can choose from three finishes: matte, gloss, or satin, depending on the type of sheen that you want to achieve. Thus, sealing also protects your canvas from sun damage, grime, and unwanted dirt and dust.

    To make your painting more professional-looking, you can also have it framed either by going to a framing service professional or by availing the wooden frame in the website and attaching it by yourself.

Start Your Painting Journey Today With MiiCreative!

We hope that this article provided all the answers you need for the question: how can I turn my kit into a painting? Now that you know everything that you have to know in the creative process of using these kits, it’s your time to enjoy and paint the stress away one color at a time!

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