Person drawing and painting on white canvas

Painting vs. Drawing: Which One Should I Try First?

Person drawing and painting on white canvas

If you’re planning to pursue art, then you’re well aware that painting and drawing are the two of the most common mediums starters need to consider. As we move along, you will recognize that both achieve the same goal, which is to create an art piece. 

Though, as rookie artists, it may be confusing to choose between painting vs. drawing, especially if you’re still exploring, and want to sharpen your expertise on a particular art form. So if you want to clear your mind and fully understand the difference between painting vs. drawing, then read through the end of this article to find the best-suited art form for you to try firsthand!

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How do you define Drawing? 

Drawing involves more on mastering lines to create designs. This medium focuses more on lines and values to emphasize depth, dimensions, and shapes. You can achieve this by using dry sketching supplies like pencil, charcoal, pen, inks, and many others on paper. 

simple black and white drawing of alien with bears

Many people enjoy drawing as all artist start their journey here. Even when you were a child you already knew how to draw. Most artists also need to learn the fundamentals of art through drawing on paper. With drawing you are allowed to erase any mistakes you think you have made as well.

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What about Painting? 

Painting, however, deals more with the application of colors to achieve forms. Unlike drawing, you can paint by choosing from either wet or dry instruments. This medium can be achieved by using acrylic, oil, watercolor, tempera, fresco, down to pastels, and is normally applied on a canvas or any solid surface with the help of other art tools. 

Brush painting edge with acrylic

Though painting is a little bit more difficult to try, it's never impossible. Most of us did not start painting until we were a bit older to be around non toxic paint. Finger painting would be the first time you tried even if you don't remember it. With a little more challenge than drawing, painting is as fulfilling to try as it takes dedication and patience to do.

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Paint vs. Drawing what’s the difference? 

Based on how the two mediums are defined, it’s clear that they’re different in terms of application and elements. So in short, drawing is the art of representing a certain object through sketching, outlining, and planning. While painting, on the other hand, focuses more on the usage of paint on solid surfaces to achieve specific colors and forms. 

While both have their difficulties in executing. They are still both very fulfilling hobbies that are worth a try. And while painting materials are more expensive than drawing, it is all worth it in the end when you finish your own masterpiece.

woman in brown shirt holding brush and improving painting

Do You Have To Be Good and Drawing To Be Able To Paint?   

Some artists recommend taking up drawing first and have this firm belief that it can be the foundation of a painting. Art schools even have a systematic way of learning where you’re required to take up drawing before painting and is considered a more advanced technique. Even so, it all boils down to how you process things visually. If you notice lines and angles more, then drawing can be a good primary path to take. Though if you can grasp objects more based on colors, lighting, and shades, painting should be easier for you to learn. 

photo of person painting and drawing on paper


Painting vs. drawing is a very common question beginners think about with regards to learning.  However, there is no right or wrong move when it comes to art. Some think in lines, while some think through colors. You may take the more structured approach and learn how to draw, or you can try doing both at the same time to really figure out what you want by understanding the basics through experience. So with this in mind, it all comes down to you and how you want to approach learning this skill. Don’t be afraid of mistakes, keep on practicing and have fun! 

woman holding brush painting custom paint by numbers with acrylic paints

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