Painting like Rembrandt

Painting like Rembrandt

Many years later, the name Rembrandt remains a household name in the field of art. His contribution towards art, especially painting inspires many artists. From his childhood days, he amazed many including art teachers with the way he would illustrate different artworks. To date, his work inspires many to aim for better paintings. Well, what was his secret? For those learning to paint, this is a question that you ought to ask and from that implement the tips into your artwork.

The techniques he used can be a great tool for upcoming artists. From this, we get Painting like Rembrandt. This is a common term that is used to refer to the processes he used to make his stunning pieces. What lessons can we draw from Rembrandt? What made his artwork stand out through different times of history? That’s what this article is all about. Then, from these lessons and techniques, you can get useful tips. These tips will help you in Painting like Rembrandt. This will be vital to help you learn where your focus should be in order to get amazing paintings.

Let’s get into this topic about Painting like Rembrandt. This will be a great starting point for anyone who wants to learn the Rembrandt techniques.

The History of Rembrandt

At the age of 10, Rembrandt joined a Latin school to study Biblical works. but that did not go along with his desire and passion for art. Thus, he left the school to train as an artist. That's where his artistic skills were initiated. Though he grew up with a desire for art, it wasn’t until he joined an art class that he started making progress in art. He learned from making portraits to capturing great architectural design in painting.

Rembrandt mainly focused on painting portraits. Although, he would occasionally make drawings. Most of these were self-portraits, a fact that led to him gaining a lot of experience in painting. His way of handling the brush and rendering of light in painting was sensational. This made his historical and allegorical paintings impress many.

In his whole career, his style was remarkable, which he learned from school and most out of trying out new painting techniques. One of his favorite paintings that inspired many to venture into Painting like Rembrandt was the Night watch. It was a turning point for art. His contribution to art was recognized among Dutch art enthusiasts. Though little is known about what his drive for painting was, his impact on art is evident.

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Tips to learn from Rembrandt painting Techniques

Here are a handful of techniques that Rembrandt used that can help you in your painting career. From this, we will delve into tips to help you paint like Rembrandt.


1. Art of Illusionism

Most of Rembrandt's paintings featured the creation of different portraits and landscapes. What he did best was narrating biblical events through paintings. This was rarely seen at the time. His style when telling stories was remarkable due to the details and representation of sentiments/emotions. His paintings were like a story that people related with.

Tips to learn from this

Painting like Rembrandt will call for you to think outside the box about how people will relate to your painting. Whether it's telling a story or more, you should have something to keep your audience engaged with your artwork. Then your representation should be unique and remarkable. Try to  have a goal (e.g. for Rembrandt it was to tell  Biblical narration through painting). 

2. The choice of Texture and Ground color on Canvas

The texture and ground color any artist uses matters a lot - the term ground color means the background/main color of the canvas. This was evident in Rembrandt’s painting career. From a look at his work, it seems he generally liked middle toned ground. This was mostly represented as a yellowish-brown color.

This played a role in making the painting glow from the start. But most importantly, his choice of texture made him turn his audiences’ attention to the actual subject of the painting instead of the ground color, because it was a simple warm color.

Tips to learn

As an artist, if you want to paint like Rembrandt you have to make the right choice with regards to the ground color of the canvas. This will not only make your painting stand out but will trigger your audience to focus on what matters in the painting. Moreover, Painting like Rembrandt will help you pay attention to your artwork right from the start.

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3. Target view oriented painting approach

This was Rembrandt's favorite technique. In this approach, he would figure out the outcome that he wanted from the painting way before starting. Rembrandt would think through the entire approach and process he would use from start to finish. A new approach for every painting helped him to be innovative and discover more.

Tip to learn

To be an artist who paints like Rembrandt will call for you to plan your work. In every painting that you want to execute, always view it as a new activity to learn something new. Never let a past painting that you did define what you are doing now, even if it was great. Moreover, be visionary and think ahead on what you want to achieve with the painting.

With this, you will try out new things that will help you paint better. 

4.  Rembrandt’s Color palette art

At the time of the Rembrandt era, there were very few color pigments that were used. This did not limit how much he was able to achieve. Why is this so? This is because he had his selection of colors like lead-tin yellow, ivory black, etc. These colors were unique from other painters of the time. This defined him and his artwork. In case he needed complex colors, he would proportionally mix three colors to achieve the color he wanted.

Tips to learn

Painting needs you to have skillful techniques like having your own choice of colors. You should always try to have some unique colors that your audience can use to distinguish your work from others. Then, for better results learn the art of mixing colors.


Painting like Rembrandt is one of the best techniques that can help painters to stand out as great painters. There is a lot to learn from Rembrandt paintings. The above are techniques that can help you to stand out as a great artist. More importantly, try to be original. Offer unique designs and have a plan for every painting you do.

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