Assorted painting materials and equipment for art

Painting by Numbers: The Best Way You Can Learn How To Paint

Assorted painting materials and equipment for art

If you’re someone like me who’s mindlessly scrolling through the internet looking for a new skill or hobby to attempt this quarantine, then painting might’ve also crossed your mind at some point. 

It’s tedious research, especially if you’re focused on other responsibilities like your job, or when to pay the next bill. However, don’t worry about scrolling past another article about crafting, we’ll tell you why Painting by Numbers is the perfect head first approach you can try to improve your painting skills!

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

How is it good for beginners? 

Painting by Numbers obtained a fair amount of critics over the years, stating that the process of filling blank outlines on the canvas is not worthy to be called an art form. Because of this line of thought, they never considered Painting by Numbers as a gateway for artists to pursue real painting. How you may ask? It’s because of the following reasons:

  • It Exposes You to a Variety of Colors

Did you know that there are approximately 10 million shades of colors? Neither did I! Before I tried painting by numbers, I never concerned myself with learning colors. 

But the more I painted, the more it piqued my curiosity. Even though I wasn’t mixing them myself (since Paint by Numbers requires no mixing), doing the activity made me realize that there are a lot more colors I ever thought was possible!

rainbow colors from paints

  • Teaches the Importance of Light and Dark Values

Other than colors, filling the canvas template’s background areas also made me aware of light and dark values in art, and how important it is. It’s not merely casting shadows in objects, it teaches you how it dramatically changes the mood of your art.

person wearing long sleeves touching the light

Besides being a critical mood changer, it also adds intricate details to your art. It's something you can try out and experiment with!

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

  • Increases Hand-Eye Coordination

Have you ever imagined yourself dancing, but can’t really bring your physical self to do it? Well, I’m that kind of person, and I bet you are too when it comes to art. I don’t think I can count the number of times I attempted and stopped drawing or painting midway just because it didn’t turn out as I imagined.

woman painting green with brush on canvas

Luckily, I gave art another chance and tried it again by doing Paint by Numbers. Not only did it come out perfectly, but it taught me how to shift my focus on my hands, therefore training them to stay steady as I filled every shape. Holding my breath in was totally worth it! 

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

  • Importance of Strokes and Techniques

While I was unknowingly improving my hand-eye coordination skills, I never noticed that I was already incorporating some stroke techniques during painting! It only registered after I was done and after I Googled about detailing. Little did I know that I was already teaching myself how to do proper strokes and proper pressure application. 

Brush painting edge with acrylic

Each person’s experience may have different outcomes. But if you’re a hands-on learner who wants to pick-up a hobby like painting, this activity is perfect for you.  In addition to the technical benefits, Painting by Numbers can also contribute to your overall mental well-being by strengthening your Problem-Solving Skills.

  • Problem-Solving Skills

Even though Paint by Numbers canvases are outlined, there’s still a small chance to commit mistakes. This unexpected incident may lead you to think outside the box, thus testing your ability to problem-solve.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

  • Creativity & Concept Visualization

Re-imagining how your painting by numbers artwork is going to turn out is also a positive mental experience. This along with your practice of different techniques and methods to achieve a certain goal (e.g. Avoid blotting the canvas so you paint from left to right) can boost your memory skills. 

woman painting paint by numbers landscape

Contrary to popular belief, painting by numbers isn’t as bland and conforming as critics claim it to be. The exposure and technical skills accomplished by finishing a Paint by Numbers kit can urge any passionate beginners to take a blank canvas and start painting!

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

  • Confidence

The feeling of painting by numbers and finishing it is a dopamine inducing trip! Since the pressure of creating art from scratch is eliminated, you can solely focus on finishing the template in front of you. This in return can further bolster your confidence and try painting yourself!

woman in brown scoop neck painting relaxing in her room

Give it a go!

custom paint by numbers cat painting made by miicreative

Learning how to paint through Painting by Numbers may seem counterintuitive, but the mental benefits and technical skills you get by doing so are still essential if you want to take painting as a hobby, or even be a full-blown artist. So if you want to learn the basic aspects of this art medium, it’s time for you to buy a kit, pick up your brush, and start painting!

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit