Painting and its Positive Effects on Mental Health

Painting and its Positive Effects on Mental Health

Every one of us has different setbacks and things to deal with. Living a non-busy life is quite difficult due to how much faster the world moves today. Stress, anxiety, and negativity flow constantly around your mind which badly affects your well-being. However, a way that all people around the world can diminish these unpleasant feelings is through painting.

People have learned to care so much about physical health, in the process putting mental health to the side. There’s no doubt that physical health is important, but mental health is important too and it shouldn’t be overlooked. Avoiding mental health issues can cause as many problems as avoiding being physically healthy. Nevertheless, both physical and mental health are important for the well-being of a person, so they should be treated as equally important.

More and more studies and research are coming to the surface detailing how painting affects a person’s mental health. It is important that every person starts learning the benefits painting has to offer in their life. Painting has been around for thousands of years now and it shows no signs of getting less fancied. So, keep reading to find out how painting can help you become a better person.

Becoming a better person with painting

With COVID-19 continuously disrupting our lives, it’s hard to keep your state of mind in one piece. Everything became more challenging and the nostalgia of the pre-covid world is inevitable. But, as mentioned before, painting can not only solve a big amount of your mental problems but can also prevent them from developing in the first place.

  1. Improved Self-Confidence 
    A lot of people struggle with loving and appreciating themselves. Unfortunately, low self-confidence or low self-esteem increases mental illnesses like depression and anxiety, potentially leading to suicidal attempts. However, a study by Girija Kaimal, showed that a 45-minute art-making session was enough to increase a person’s self-appreciation. 

  2. Boosts attitude
    Visual arts like paintings and sculptures are very important in our daily lives. They lighten up our whole world. Having all these colors and shapes around us boosts our attitude and gives a new perspective to the human eye. Can you imagine a world with no paintings on the walls, with no patterns on buildings, with no shapes on your bed sheet? It would be a plain world, just like a prison. Watching art improves your attitude while creating art stimulates you to think about the world positively and awakens certain brain functions that lead to happiness.

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  3. Relaxes your mind and relieves stress
    As said before, stress, anxiety, and depression can lead to suicidal attempts. The most common way to deal with mental problems is by going to a therapist or a psychiatrist. However, if the person does not help himself push away these negative feelings then, not even a hundred therapists can help him. Creating art though is one of the best ways to help yourself fight back against all the mental problems. A study carried out by the Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer (MASCC) focused on the benefits of art therapy for people with cancer, showing that creating art helps to decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression and improve quality of life. If art can help people with cancer who fight for their lives then imagine what it can do to people without cancer.

  4. Express your inner-self
    Artists paint for certain reasons. They may want to tell a story, record history, make a present for someone, or express their thoughts and emotions. Usually, humans feel things that can’t be explained with written words. Not every thought can be explained at such a level that a human brain can understand. But with art, almost everyone can give an idea to others as to what’s going on in their mind. Plus, by creating art, you can find things about yourself that you never knew.

  5. Expand your cultural knowledge
    Every race and country has a different art style. By painting, you get to explore new styles and techniques, learn about new cultures and expand your horizons. Getting involved in the art world will also increase your critical thinking and knowledge on that topic. Even if you are not a professional artist or have nothing to do with painting, you can still learn and explore the amazing world of art.

  6. Enhance your memory abilities
    Being engaged regularly with any type of art but particularly with painting, increases the blood flow in your brain and sharpens your mind. Due to these benefits, painting or any form of art can lead to a decrease in the chances of developing memory loss illnesses.

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Learn how to create your own Art Journal

You now know what painting can do for you. Being stuck at home because of COVID is difficult and causes some challenges which can be fixed with painting. So, you shouldn’t waste any more time and get right into painting. 

You are not a painter? No problem. Art has no age. You can learn to paint even in your 70s if you want. Who knows, you might have a natural talent!

Since many people who read this article are new to painting, it’s better if you grab a notebook, no need to be expensive, just a simple notebook full of blank pages so you can paint or draw. Grabbing a canvas is not recommended as you have to get more experience and learn how you can get the best results from painting on canvas. 

The kind of drawings you can do is unlimited as you can do whatever comes to your mind. But, pay attention to what you paint. The notebook is a reflection of yourself. Any person who sees it should realize that it is yours without knowing it. Express yourself through the notebook. Use it as your outlet. Anything that satisfies you, anything that brings you joy, sadness, confusion, and so forth. 

Fill the notebook by expressing yourself and don’t worry about the outcome. The drawing might not be that good but that’s not the goal. The goal is to gain some experience and improve your mental health. Don’t let fear or what others say stop you from creating something unique.

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