Paint by Numbers Printables vs. Canvas

Paint by Numbers Printables vs. Canvas

Paint by Numbers printables have been a very popular alternative to the original beloved pastime kit. But the question is, are they better than the original ones? More so, is it really worth your time doing the printable versions? Well, that’s what we’re going to find out today because we will have a side by side comparison of the two in today’s article.

Painting by numbers has been a popular pastime hobby for many since the 1950s due to a variety of reasons. For one, it allows non-artists and beginners to learn the basics of painting in a simple manner and it’s affordable, too. Thus, there are several stress relieving benefits that come alongside as you indulge in the activity. 

The trend of these kits has come and gone over the last decades but since the pandemic began, it resurfaced once more thanks to social media. Thus, many companies have started making different variations and designs that can entice potential consumers to try the kit. For many, these kits are worth the buy and engagement. They’re relaxing, easy to do, and less frustrating compared to other creative activities that are not meant for beginners. 

Because of its popularity, different gimmicks are made to make Paint by Numbers more enjoyable and even accessible to everyone. Sites such as Pinterest have the printable version of these kits. By printable, these are the ones that you can simply print at home if you have a printer. But the question is, which is better among the two? Is it the original one or Paint by Numbers printables? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each type.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

A Side by Side Comparison of Paint by Numbers Printables and Kits

Knowing the differences between the two can allow you to build your preference, especially if you're considering this fun activity or if you’re still uncertain if you should purchase a kit. 

Paint by Numbers Kits

The Advantages

  1. It comes with a complete set of materials:

    Purchasing paint by numbers kit already relieves you from the stress of thinking about the materials that you should purchase for painting. PBN kits, such as the ones from MiiCreative, come with a 40 x 50 cm/16 x 20 inch pre-printed canvas that are marked with contours and numbers to guide you with painting; a premixed acrylic paint set (24 colors), and a set of three basic brushes (1 small, 1 medium, and 1 large brushes). Hence, these kits are perfect, especially if you want the preparation process to be easier.

  2. It’s cost-effective:

    When you think about it, paying for a kit that comes with the basic supplies for painting can save you a lot of money instead of individually buying art materials that are oftentimes expensive, depending on the brand and the quality of the supplies. If you purchase on stores that provide great Paint by Numbers kits, it is a guarantee that the purchase will be worth the money as the kits guarantee that they’ll come with high quality materials, ensuring that the outcome of your painting is beautiful and well-made.

  3. Paint by Numbers Companies offer plenty of designs:

    The collection of designs available for Paint by Numbers kits are almost endless. The fix kit designs range from nature sceneries, beautiful landscapes, floral designs, sky settings, portraits of famous artists, and even recreated paintings of famous painters. Popular designs include Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night and Sunflowers.

  4. Kits can also be customized:

    Perhaps the best feature of the PBN kits is that they are customizable according to your preference. Paint by Numbers companies like MiiCreative allow you to choose your own photo, select the canvas size, and even adjust the overall tonal value of your canvas, letting you choose between 24 colors, 36 colors, and 48 colors for your set of acrylic paint.

  5. Almost fool-proof:

    A lot can go wrong with Paint by Numbers printables. From the selection of the materials to the printing of your “canvas,” the inconvenience that you’ll possibly endure may not be worth it. However, these kits guarantee that you can easily create a masterpiece just by matching the number according to its corresponding color. 

    Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

The Disadvantages

  1. It may be too large for beginners:

    Most people who have used paint by numbers admit that the canvas was quite intimidating to them. Some even admit that they weren’t able to finish the canvas because it was “too large” for them. So, before you purchase a kit, make sure that you’re really interested in painting so that you can fill every segment in the canvas.

  2. Quality of the kits vary:

    Not all kits come with a set of high quality materials. The quality of the kits differ from one PBN company to another so make sure to make a comparison of each company or read customer reviews first before you purchase.

  3. Some “PBN sites” are actually a scam:

    The Internet is a large place and it’s full of sites and so-called online stores that are fraudulent. So, before you enter your card details and click the buy button, make sure that the website is safe and not suspicious. Check if the site is security-encrypted because card details can be easily stolen, especially if you’re not careful with the sites that you transact on. 

Paint by Numbers Printables

The Advantages

  1. Quick alternative for the kits:

    Not all people are looking for long-term hobbies. They simply want a boredom buster that can last for a day or a few hours. Hence, these miniature versions of the kits are perfect if you’re one of those people.

  2. Can be finished in a few hours:

    Since the size of the painting surface is smaller compared to actual canvases, you can finish filling up every segment in the matter of a few hours. Paint by Numbers printables work just like a regular color by numbers for adults, which makes it perfect if you’re not too committed to working on a painting for a longer period of time.

  3. Free on the internet:

    Just by typing “paint by numbers printables” on Google search you will get access to thousands of free images that you can print and paint. This can be an advantage if you’re looking for a much cheaper way to try the kits, somewhat of a trial version.

The Disadvantages

  1. You need to buy materials:

    Even though the images themselves are free, printables are not 100% free as you have to separately purchase the materials in order for you to start painting.

  2. Details are mostly blurry:

    Since the canvas is shrunk to a smaller size, the details of the image are not as clear compared to the ones from the actual canvases. Some numbers are hard to read while some contours are blurry and hard to see which can be difficult when trying to fill with colors. 

  3. No custom feature:

    Perhaps the biggest disadvantage to the printable versions is that they are not customizable compared to the actual kits. Although there are some companies that offer to generate customized versions that you can paint, they are paid softwares which defeats the purpose of printables being “free.”

  4. Printables don’t give you the full artistic experience:

    Paint by Numbers kits are made to allow beginners and non-artists to experience how it feels to be a real painter by providing them basic painting supplies which will aid them in learning the basics of painting. 

    Custom Paint by Numbers Kit