Paint by Numbers: Enhance your Painting Skills

Paint by Numbers: Enhance your Painting Skills

Paint by Numbers is the best activity for you if you are aiming to build your career as a professional artist. If you have found yourself in a challenging situation where you can’t find the will to paint or if you are just having a bad time churning out something great, MiiCreative is here to help. To get you started, we have put together this amazing, extensive guide. This guide will assist you in understanding why the said activity is ideal for sharpening your painting skills. Thus, it also includes some tips and suggestions that could prove useful to you. Let’s dive in.

You will find many people spreading bad things about painting by numbers, they may even call it cheating and less creative. But, they are totally wrong, perhaps they have not tried the activity by themselves. If you want to see yourself paint realistically and have no self-doubt in doing so, you should definitely give it a go. For beginners, learning about the basic aspects of painting is never easy. You will have to get familiar with different art theories, for instance, color theory. You have to know your way around brushwork and strokes, the replicating values, blending and much more.

Paint by numbers is a useful tool to learn all the fundamentals, including the concepts mentioned above. It is simple and more focused on learning about colors, how to hold the brush, alongside other basic concepts.

Here’s Why Paint by Numbers is an Ideal way to Jumpstart your career

You must be wondering how a painting by numbers is the ideal activity in the world of arts. We have put together a list of some of the best benefits that you can get from this activity.

Each kit Includes all the Basic Materials

You have to admit that not having a complete set of painting tools is hard to work with. It is also tough for a beginner artist to get their hands on painting tools. You have to look after so many aspects and the way you paint changes your need for brushes, tones of colors, painting medium and so forth. But, you will see that you have everything you need in paint by numbers kits.

- The Kit includes a 24-color set of acrylic paint pots
- A canvas that is pre-contoured and marked with numbers
- You will have three sizes of quality brushes (1 large, 1 small, and 1 medium)

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

Ready to use acrylic paints and canvas

Applying gesso to the canvas and mixing the paint is also quite tricky for beginners. But, with this kit, you can skip these processes. Our kits at MiiCreative are ready and good to go. All you have to do is paint and indulge in this relaxing activity.

Easy Understanding of Realism and other Art Movements

Our kits feature a vast array of designs that are there to help you learn to paint different art styles. For instance, art movements like Pop Art, Abstract, Realism, and others. You get to learn and try something new every time you get a new kit. If you try different styles each time you decide to buy a kit you will eventually find your own way and style in painting.

Color Theory

Color theory, which deals with the relationship between colors and how we view them, is regarded as the most critical part of art. Paint by Numbers' approach is to coordinate colors and numbers so that you can appreciate the technical concept of colors—visualizing, defining, and replicating values.

Tips and Suggestions to Improve your Painting Skills

While you practice through painting by numbers, you should also strive to sharpen and enhance your skills without such guides as well. It will be a great way to gain more confidence and improve your artistic skills. Let’s take a look at some tips and suggestions.

Improve your Brushwork by Swirling and Stroking Patterns

Keep in mind that in order to be good at painting, you should have steady hands. Because mastering the movement with your brushes is the main goal here. So, stroke and swirl some patterns to get steady hands.

Try the Paint by Numbers Technique

If you are looking to create something realistic, you should know your way around blending and color theory. You can use the number system to identify each color tone. For instance, you can choose the darkest tone as “1”, your second darkest tone as “2”, and so on.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

Don’t Be Afraid of Imitating

It’s very hard to make it out on your own, that is why there are many other artists that you can take inspiration from. All the artists learn from other artists. So, don’t be afraid of imitating. What we mean by that is when you copy some artist, it is not like you are stealing, rather it’s like borrowing in order to explore more. As the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso once said, “Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal,” he certainly does not mean stealing in a literal way. What he really meant was to let the artists know that you should get inspired by exploring multiple sources.

Explore Different Art Styles

If you've actually discovered your own artistic styles and creative form, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be open to new trends and ideas. Creating art that is not your taste allows you to learn new thoughts, philosophies, and techniques.

Practice, Practice, and Practice

As an artist, you should never give up. Never be afraid to make mistakes because we humans are bound to make those - what matters is that we learn from them. Not all artists are born great and artistic; others earn it by practice and perseverance. For example, well-known painter Vincent Van Gogh wasn't really a great artist in his early years. Furthermore, his works were not well received by the public (he only sold one painting during his entire lifetime), but he was eager to improve. He continued to practice and experiment with his painting and he is now regarded as one of the best painters in history. That is just what you can do!

Final Thoughts

Every artist has to start somewhere, you can get a good start through painting by numbers. You should get your own Paint by Numbers kit today and begin your painting journey now that you've learned the creative advantages of Paint by Numbers as well as tips on how to develop your painting skills. Good Luck!

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit