Paint by Numbers: A Fun Gateway Into The World of Painting

Paint by Numbers: A Fun Gateway Into The World of Painting

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Paint by Numbers for generations has been known as a hobby that requires little to no effort. However, do you know that this simple, straightforward diversion is a fun gateway into the world of painting that made some of the world’s modern artists?

Paint by Numbers may seem easy to do, but once you look past the simplicity of this concept, you will be made aware of the skills you can acquire, many of which can be beneficial skills for painting. This goal was realized by Dan Robbins over 70 years ago, who wanted anyone, and everyone to learn, enjoy and experience the joys of this medium through different means. He believed that art held no bars. And as long as you know the basics of shapes, styles, and colors, you will develop the skill and creativity needed to make a painting that can act as your gateway, and truly bring you into the world of painting. 

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How does Paint by Numbers Act As a Gateway to Actual Painting? 

This is great as a form of painting practice because it’s slow and methodical. You’ll understand how certain colors complement, and play against each other, plus how to use a paintbrush correctly. By providing learners the fundamentals of art in a foolproof method that they can’t get wrong. It’s the best learning tool possible!

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Teaches the basics of color theory through application

Color theory is the grammar of art. It’s essentially a guide on how colors interact, complement, or contrast with one another. It’s one of the most important fundamentals of painting, and the more you know about the colors you're using, the more you can utilize them. Don't let the theories intimidate you, it gets easier the more you move along. 

color theory with brush and color charts

Teaches Color Toning

Color Toning, by definition, is how light or dark a certain color is. Although you’re not actively mixing the acrylic paints yourself since the paint pots are pre-mixed, the placement and color of each number on the template will make a lot more sense. Color tones can change the mood, shadow, and perspective of a painting. Plus, it will help you understand that the colors of the rainbow can take on many forms in different shades and undertones by observing your canvas as paint. Once you realize how powerful this element is, you’ll then understand the world of painting even better than before. 

different and bright colors tones

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Puts emphasis on light and dark values

Colors as mentioned have the capacity to change the perspective, emotion, and shadows in a painting. Which is why learning the values of light and dark are essential in determining how certain colors come together to compose an image. This makes paint by numbers a great study aid to recognize which color goes where. 

light and dark tones from lamps

Stimulates creativity and allows for creative control

After you get the basics down and finally build the courage and confidence to paint, you can start taking creative control; slowly but surely. You can begin by maybe trying out a variety of brushes, attempting different brushstrokes, or paint new colors by changing their density and opaqueness. In this way, you can assess your progress without the pressure of starting on a blank canvas!

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Increased hand and eye coordination

If you’ve read about Paint by Numbers, then you’ve probably seen this benefit repeated a lot of times, all with good reason. Because it works! Since this activity is repetitive and hands-on, it’s capable of improving brain function and dexterity in different age groups. So if you think your hand-eye coordination is steadily declining, it might be time to pick up that brush.  

Adult woman sitting and painting with easel in clean room

Art is an expression of bringing your imagination to life. It’s enticing to artists at heart but can be terrifying for beginners. Nevertheless, don’t let this thought stop you. Let MiiCreative guide you to the world of painting, and deep dive into the realm of art!

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit