Paint by Number Kits For Paintings With A Twist

Paint by Number Kits For Paintings With A Twist

Getting into art is a fun hobby if you’re full of ideas that you want to execute but here’s why you should try paintings with a twist with paint-by-number kits. 

Art classes are always loose and easy to get into, but some people get intimidated by the idea of getting into a class where your work is judged by strangers. While we understand that putting yourself out there is scary, something that will help you get more courage is drinking some liquid courage. Painting with a twist is a company by Cathy Deano and Renee Maloney. They established this company in 2007, and they used this company to help rebuild their community that was affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit
Before the pandemic hit, the dynamic of this company was that you could book specific events and go to the branch nearest you for some fun wine and painting sessions; however, with the quarantine period being extended, it’s now a lot more difficult to just go and book a class. With that, the company has come up with painting kits that you can take home and do. In this article, we talk about reasons why paint by number kits are useful for painting with a twist

What Is Painting With A Twist? 

Painting with a twist has one motto, “a little bit of paint, a little bit of wine, and a whole lot of fun!” This company encourages everyone to learn how to paint and drink some wine or eat some good snacks while bonding with friends. This is basically a class where you drink wine while learning how to paint.

Pre-pandemic, this was done in a studio where you would book an event and be placed in a class with your friends, or even your lover. This is ideal if you’re looking for more adult ways to have creative bonding moments.

With the pandemic, companies like Painting With A Twist have come up with new ways they can still encourage fun painting activities while everyone is stuck at home. The company has released painting kits that you can take home and use when you need to unwind from stressful events.

While this company does encourage carrying out free-hand paintings, we want to show you how you can paint with a twist with the use of paint-by-number kits.  

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

Why Paint by Number Kits Are Helpful  

Learning how to paint is easy if you have the time and attention span to learn the basics of color theory and how to make shapes with your brush. However, some people prefer being able to see immediate results. While we understand that being able to see results is satisfying, not everyone has the skill to come up with beautiful pieces.  

This is where using paint-by-number kits will help if you want to plan your own painting with a twist night, you can customize your kits by ordering them online. Companies like miicreative allow you to choose the image you want to turn into a paint-by-numbers kit and provide you with the materials you need to finish the project.

Doing this with your girlfriends or family is a great way to come together and bond, especially if you all need a break away from life.

Overall, paint-by-number kits will make it easy for those of you who don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to painting, and the most difficult part will be painting inside the lines when you’re a little drunk.

When you organize group activities, it’s still best that you practice safe social distancing procedures to take necessary safety precautions. Painting with a twist is a fun activity because it allows you to bond with your friends over a night of painting your favorite friends or your lovely pets with a nice bottle of red or white wine if you prefer that.  

Important Key Takeaways

Paint by number kits have been around for a while, but with the pandemic leaving people at home, the trend has come back in full force because more people want to learn how to paint. You can learn how to paint easily with these kits, but doing paintings with a twist can make any adult enjoy painting.  

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit