Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

The Holidays are a very important season for everyone. As the old saying goes, it is the most wonderful time of the year. Thus, it is also the time of giving and expressing our love for our family members, friends, and other special people in our lives. Even though we encourage you to show your love and care for them everyday, it would mean so much to them whenever we express this by giving them something a little bit extra during important dates of the year such as their birthdays, and of course, Christmas. We are only a few days into December and it is likely that people are already rushing off to the malls or online shops to buy their loved one’s wishlist. 

But here’s the reality: a few weeks or days from now, the items that we want to purchase will be out of stock or unavailable to purchase. Or, if you're buying online, shipping may be delayed from the date that you want to receive it due to the large sums of orders this Holiday rush. Thus, since we are still in the midst of a pandemic, some places may still have high to moderate cases of COVID-19 infections so it’s better to avoid crowded places. So, to prepare yourself for scenarios like those, you must have alternatives. But don’t get frustrated or anything because we are here to help: in this article, we will be showing you some amazing last minute holiday gift ideas that are simple, cost-effective, homemade, yet heart-warming.

Because of our tendency to spend a lot of money, even on unnecessary things, we tend to forget that each gift is valuable as long as it comes from the heart. We tend to put value on everything based on price tags to the point that we overthink everything, even thinking about the perfect gift. Remember, the perfect gift always comes from the heart: it doesn’t matter how much it is or what brand made it. What’s important is that you showed that you truly love and care for them by making an effort.

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Easy and Affordable Last Minute Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Can’t think of a perfect gift? Too busy to browse online shops or go to the mall? Items are out of stock? Well, don’t worry because all you need to do is to be creative. There are so many gifts that you can make by yourself at home without breaking your budget. We hope that this list of last minute gift ideas help in making this Holiday extra special for you and your loved ones. Here are some examples that you can do at home that are very simple to do and fun to make:

  1. Do-It-Yourself Photo Table Calendar:

    There are many available templates on the internet that you can download for free and use for this D-I-Y gift. Or if you want to put an extra effort, you can create your own template using editing apps such as Canva and from there, you can design the calendar in whichever way you like. Put different photos of you and your loved one (the one who will receive the gift) and don’t forget to mark special occasions especially their birthdays. Thus, you can get crafty and use other supplies to make it an actual calendar once your templates are printed.

  2. Inspirational Framed Message:

    It’s often said that giving a picture frame during Christmas is quite boring but not unless you use your creative skills to make it special, personalized, and displayable in their room. You can either design the template in your smartphone or tablet or better yet, create it using calligraphy or hand lettering. Nothing’s better than a framed inspirational message as it can give them a boost of motivation each time they see it. Gifts like these are a simple reminder that you’ll always be there for them no matter what happens.  

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  3. Aromatic Bath Bombs:

    Everyone will love these adorable, fragrant bath bombs especially when they know that it’s made with natural ingredients and handmade by you. Bath bombs are easy to make and they don’t require much ingredients. Most ingredients can be easily found in the grocery store and you can search video tutorials on YouTube that you can follow in order to make one. You don’t really need to purchase bath bomb kits to make these, you just need some molds (can be the Christmas Balls that you have in your home that can be cut in half), or simply cupcake or muffin pans to give them an interesting shape. You can personalize each bomb based on the personality of the recepient - add dried flowers or herbs, and even put surprise toys for the kids. 

  4. Abstract Artwork:

    You may think that you’re not good at painting, but you can at least try. Painting doesn’t have to be complex and complicated all the time, it can be simple and elegant just like abstract paintings. You can use a large canvas and play with neutral tones or primary colors, or any color tones that you’re comfortable working with. We highly recommend that you use acrylic paints for this one because oils take a long time before they fully dry up.

  5. Homemade Syrups in a Bottle:

    There are so many recipes for homemade syrups and extracts that you can find on the Internet that are very affordable and easy to make. Thus, you can also seal them in wax to make them last longer and you can purchase cute glass bottles from the dollar store to make them professionally-made. Don’t forget to put labels on them and try making different flavors such as vanilla, caramel, orange extract, mint extract, and many more. Your loved ones who love to spend time in their kitchen will surely adore these.

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