Is Paint by Numbers Online Worth Your Time?

Is Paint by Numbers Online Worth Your Time?

Some places still have strict quarantine protocols in place, hence people can’t really go outside like they normally would. Paint by Numbers and coloring books for adults are a constant trend as they never seem to fade. “Paint by Numbers” and “Color by Numbers” are two phrases that are often used interchangeably and these are phrases that everyone is familiar with. When we think about these two terms, the first thing that comes to our minds are the kits and materials used in order to complete an artwork. Due to technological advances, efficiency has been improved and there is now Paint by Numbers Online that claims to have the same benefits and fun that you would get from a regular kit. But is it really true? That’s what we’ll find out today because in this article, we will discuss the truth about Paint by Numbers Online. Give this article a quick read before you decide whether you should try it or not.

Painting by numbers is an almost mindless activity that is guaranteed to remove the stress away one color at a time. Due to its promising and almost fool-proof results, beginner painters and craft & hobby enthusiasts love using these kits to bust the boredom away as they learn new painting skills. Now that we have phones, tablets, and computers due to the advent of advanced technology, many people seem to find it hard to do something that doesn’t involve their gadgets. Instead of spending time in front of actual art supplies, they have found a new way to indulge themselves into something “artistic” and that is using an online paint by numbers app. While some might think that such apps are made for children, apps for “adults” are popping up here and there, and they’re quite successful like the real thing. So the question needs to be asked: is Paint by Numbers online really worth the try and your time? Let’s find out.

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The Truth About Paint by Numbers Online Apps

  1. You’re not gaining any benefit whatsoever:

    Creating art is supposed to give you benefits… that is, if you create real art with real art supplies. Ask yourself, what would you gain if you do Paint by Numbers online? It could be fun for a few minutes but with that activity, all you do is click the segments for it to have a color. Where’s the real fun and challenge in there? Unlike with real painting by numbers kits, these kits would not give you new skills, new lessons, and new insights about art.

  2. It doesn’t allow you to take your eyes off your electronic device:

    One of the purposes of paint by numbers kits and other arts and crafts kits is they allow you to take your eyes off your gadgets instead of investing more screen time. If you have to do this, it defeats the whole purpose of creating arts and crafts. According to one study conducted in the United States, an average person spends about 3 hours and 43 minutes on their cellphones and gadgets which is roughly around 50 days a year. Such a number is counterproductive and if you choose to spend your time making “art” in front of your electronic screen, that can potentially harm not just your eyes, but your overall health.

  3. It doesn’t allow you to be creative:

    Let’s be realistic: this activity that promises you to express your creativity does not actually give you an outlet to release your creativity. Although there are some apps that allow you to “paint” and “smear” the colors in your coloring page or “canvas,” it’s nothing compared to the actual kits that give you the full artistic experience. With real kits, you’re able to paint, make decisions, study color groups, improve your brushwork technique and precision, and so much more. Thus, it allows you to creatively express yourself using the canvas with every bold stroke you make one color at a time.

    Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

  4. Most Paint by Numbers Online apps are not 100% free:

    Most people tend to resort to online coloring apps because they’re “free.” The thing is, most online apps cost as much as a single PBN kit while some apps that claim to be free will just bug you with never-ending apps and click bait that won’t go away unless you pay for a premium account. If you want a real PBN kit at a very affordable price, head over to MiiCreative and turn your favorite image into a Paint by Numbers canvas that you can actually paint and enjoy. The best part? No need to worry about the shipping fee because it’s on us! Get your very own Custom Paint by Numbers kit and we’ll ship it to you for free, right at your doorstep.

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  5. Technical difficulties may arise:

    We think that our gadgets are invincible objects, as if they could do almost anything. But just like any other object, they have flaws too. One major disadvantage of using online paint by numbers instead of the actual kit is that you can face many technical difficulties. Your app might crash in the midst of painting, the app might not be incompatible with your device, limited features are only available, etc. These apps may give you a hard time instead of enjoyment in the course of your artistic activity.

The Final Advice

Paint by Numbers online definitely has its downsides but in the end, it’s all about personal preferences. Some people might prefer the real kit while some prefer the electronic one. What really matters at the end is that you’re having fun with what you’re doing and that you enjoy what you do. But if you want real enjoyment that lasts long, seriously, go get yourself a paint by numbers kit and don’t forget to tell us about your wonderful painting experience!

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit