Introducing MiiCreative’s New Website Relaunch

Introducing MiiCreative’s New Website Relaunch

Paint by Numbers kits are one of the most beloved pastime hobby kits available out there in the market. Due to the increased spare time that we have been presented with in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, our hands are often empty leaving us not much things to do. We are often preoccupied, hence our minds are full of negative thoughts and we tend to overthink. To diminish such thoughts, you need to have your coping mechanism-- a healthy one, and the one that works well for you. For most people, coping with stress, anxiety, and sadness includes going out for a walk, getting in touch with nature, binge watching tv, and eating ice cream. However, many people, particularly adults, have forgotten the relaxing benefits of creating artworks, especially painting.

Despite the multitude of benefits painting has to offer, a lot of people do not resort to painting as a pastime hobby and a coping mechanism due to frustration. They usually assume that their project will end up as a disaster and they often think that they lack the technical skills to create their own pieces of art. But, not to worry, a wonderful solution is here to erase all those frustrations and doubts. This simple yet wonderful solution is Paint by Numbers kits. No technical skills required, no pre-mixing, and few tools required (which all come in the package). To create your very own masterpiece, all you have to do is to follow the basic instruction: match the color according to its corresponding numbered patch. The rest of the rules? All up to you. There is no doubt why you should paint. The next question is, where to buy a paint by numbers kit? That’s what we’re going to discuss in the next paragraph.

The Best Place to Buy Your Paint by Numbers Kit

The demand for Paint by Numbers kits goes up as time goes by, the trend never seems to fade and so many people are starting to jump into the hype because of the promising outcomes. Remember, the inventor of the original PBN paint sets used the phrase EVERY MAN A REMBRANDT as a tagline for the product to remind everyone that if they can paint, so can you thanks to paint by numbers. With all the physical and online stores offering PBN products, where is the best place to buy? Our answer: MiiCreative, and you’ll know why the store stands out from the rest. 

Why MiiCreative is the Go-to Store For Your PBN Needs

  1. Newly updated website:

    We like to keep things fresh, new, and exciting so the store has been relaunched and redeveloped in order for you to have a great shopping experience at our store. The new user interface also makes it easier for you to locate our different products, avail our different services, see new offers every time we have one, read our blogs, and many more things.

    Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

  2. New products to look forward to: 

    As mentioned in the above paragraph, we like to keep things exciting for you. We want you to try something different each time you think about starting another art project with us. Apart from our classic Custom Paint by Numbers kit herein you can choose your favorite photo and we turn it into a canvas that you can pour your creativity on and paint. Our new product additions include:

    • Diamond Painting
    • Paint your vision
    • Paint your travelling photo
    • The Paint by Numbers for royal, noble, and amazing pets

    These art kits are not only great as pastime kits to indulge yourself into, they are also great as  gifts for loved ones during occasions such as a birthday gift, wedding gift, or simply a gift to remind them that you love them.

  3. Fast shipment:

    MiiCreative processes your orders faster compared to other stores. Most stores take 1-2 weeks to produce your Custom Paint by Numbers kit whereas in the store, it only takes us 5-7 days to process and produce your orders without compromising the quality of your canvas and materials.

  4. Free delivery anywhere in the world:

    Ordering for yourself? For a loved one nearby? For a loved one on the other side of the world? Wherever you are and wherever your loved one is, we offer free shipping whether you live in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, and any country in Asia. The free delivery voucher is not only applicable for the countries mentioned, it also covers several other countries we have not mentioned. The best part? You only have to wait for a few days for the orders to be delivered right at your very doorstep. It’s fast, it’s safer than buying outside, and it’s stress-free.

    Frequently Asked Question: How long does the shipping take?

    USA: 5-13 working days
    Europe: 5-13 working days
    CA, AUS, UK: 5-13 working days

    Disclaimer: Due to the COVID-19 situation, expect a bit of a delay for your orders.

    Custom Paint by Numbers Kit
  5. 100% Guaranteed Safe and Trusted Website:

    We make sure that you’ll have a great shopping experience as a customer on our site. In this time of advanced technology, safety breaches may occur and scams are prevalent. Our newly improved website assures you that you’ll have no safety issues buying products on the site. Any information that you provide, especially your card info and other details you put in the checkout will be kept safe and secure, no need to worry about anything.

    Need help and assistance? Our amazing customer service is here to guide and assist you 24/7!

  6. We want our customers to have a great and unforgettable customer shopping experience and that is why we...

    • Offer free shipping
    • Provide complete and high quality painting materials
    • Offer 30 day full refund policy
    • 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

    Providing you with the best of everything is our way of saying thank you to you as a customer!

What to Expect in the New and Improved MiiCreative Website?

• Better User Interface
• More product offers
• More discounts
• Easier website navigation

Key Insights

We hope that we have navigated you with all the improvements that we have carried out on the website in order for you to have a better shopping experience with us.
If you have more queries, don’t be shy to approach our friendly customer service via email. Happy shopping and have fun painting!

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit