How you can improve your creativity

How you can improve your creativity

All artists go through a period where they just can’t come up with anything to create. You just have a void in your mind like your whole brain is blank and your creativity and imagination are gone. This is not something that should concern you because every artist has gone through a period where this happens. Every professional artist has struggled with uncreative days and they rose even stronger after that. But, how do these people overcome times like these? What can you learn from them to improve your creativity and rise up stronger? 

Even if you are not at the point where you have no imagination, learning how to
improve your creativity is a ‘must have’ skill for every artist. The ideas will start falling into your brain like rain and you’ll start seeing improvements in your artworks. The truth is that creativity is what separates a professional artist from an amateur artist, so if you want to make it to the top and be recognized as a professional artist, you better put the work into improving your creativity to the maximum. 

Many artists claim that their reason for being artists is to express themselves, their thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Basically, they want to speak through painting and say things that they can’t say with words. Edward Hopper once made the following statement “If I could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint”. Art helped him say what he couldn’t say with the letters of the alphabet. But, how can you speak through art and be able to make other people understand what you’re trying to say when you have no creativity? 

So below there’s a list of different ways and practices you can try to improve your creativity. If you want to be one of the best, keep reading and you’ll find the path that will turn you into one of the best.

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  1. Go outside  

    Nature is probably one of the best sources of creativity. Humans are directly connected with nature. Nature is what gives us food, water, oxygen - everything. When you go for a walk you see mountains, landscapes, lakes, different animals and buildings created by creative architects. Almost everything you see outside can be used as a source of inspiration. Even the smallest thing can attract your attention and put your mind to work. 

    This is not something that only artists do. Even famous entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Chris Harder, and Jason Capital who need some inspiration to improve their companies go out for a walk. No headphones, no music, no podcasts, just them and nature. This is one of the simplest yet most powerful exercises you can do. Thus, daily walks need to become part of your lifestyle.

  2. Keep an art journal

    You should keep an art journal with you everywhere you go. Your phone is okay too but a physical spiral notebook where you can write or draw different things that fascinate you is way better.

    For writers, this is a swipe file where they get masterpieces from other famous writers and put them on that file. This can be used for some extra inspiration and ideas. They can get ideas for a better headline, a better intro, or a better way of stating a certain sentence.

    This is exactly the job of an art journal. You can go to a gallery for example, and if something fascinates you, you can write the name of the painting down in your art journal or you can even draw something quick and use it as a reference to get inspired.

    That’s how professional artists get ahead of you. They don’t rely only on their creativity, they try to absorb as many ideas as they can from every artist they encounter.

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  3. Meditate

    Meditation is for a lot of people the door to a new way of living. The famous pop singer Harry Styles said “It’s changed my life” referring to when he started meditating. Meditation will open and clear your mind, remove negative energy, and help you connect with yourself on a deeper level. 

    Again, meditation is used by people in every industry. Athletes use meditation to visualize themselves performing amazingly during their next game. Entrepreneurs meditate to open their minds and help them solve different problems to maintain a profitable and successful organization. 

    Your mind is constantly working. Your brain downloads around 50 thoughts per minute and the purpose of meditating is to try to minimize that number as much as possible and create a place where new and creative ideas can flow.

    There are a lot of free apps for your phone where you just have to download and begin meditation sessions. If you want, meditation can be done without any app, you just sit in your room, try to minimize the light in the room, and start emptying your mind.

  4. Mentorship

    Even the best of the best had someone who showed them how to be the best. You need someone who knows how to guide you, to show you the right track and move forward. This someone is a mentor.

    With the help of the Internet, you can find a good mentor who knows what someone needs to be the best in the art industry. Your mentor may not be the best at what he or she is doing, but that doesn’t mean they can’t turn you into the best version of yourself. There are many factors that contribute to someone’s growth, it’s not just the ability to paint beautiful paintings.

    A mentor will help you prevent the mistakes that he made, he’ll show you some secrets he learned on the way, and he’ll help you build a strong network which is important in such an industry. And maybe the most important thing is that with their ideas and experience, they’ll help you improve your creativity.

    Be mindful as you’re searching for a mentor. Don’t choose the first one you find. It’s good to search him/her up and see a little bit of their background, and also maybe get to know them first. This way you’ll be able to confirm that you chose the right one.

Bonus Tip

We’ve reached the end of the article on how you can improve your creativity, and we want to give you a bonus tip that will help you develop stronger creativity skills. 

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