How to Improve the Quality of Your PBN Kits

How to Improve the Quality of Your PBN Kits

Painting by numbers is one of the most popular creative hobbies over the past decades. It gave many hobby enthusiasts, aspiring artists, and even non-artists the experience of the creative process in painting. Now that it’s more popular than ever, many companies like MIiCreative offer fresh varieties of painting kits so that many people can experience and enjoy different types of painting styles. One of these kits are the Paint by Numbers Custom Kits where you can choose your favorite photo and turn it into an actual canvas that you can paint and display later on. Today, we will discuss how to improve the aesthetic quality of your paint by numbers custom kits: from choosing the image and how to paint the canvas, we got you covered! So keep on reading to become a better artist.

With the custom kits, you are allowed to personalize the canvas based on your preferences. Apart from giving you more creative control in the creative process, paint by numbers custom kits also allow you to immortalize your favorite memories. Apart from painting the custom kit canvas, you also get to display it somewhere in your home or even better, gift it to a special loved one during special occasions.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

Tips to Keep in Mind When Choosing the Best Image for Your Paint by Numbers Custom Kits

  1. Choose an image appropriate for your skill level:

    Though this is an optional tip for beginners, it would be best to choose an image you think you can finish based on your skill level as a first timer. Even though paint by numbers does not require any technical skills when painting, you need to start first with a photo that is easy so that you can actually finish the painting. Many people have made the mistake of selecting an image that is too hard for them to finish so they end up not finishing the canvas at all. You don’t want that to happen and of course, you should enjoy the process of how easy painting by numbers is executed. Once you get the hold of it, you can select images that are more challenging to you.

  2. Make sure the image has a good quality:

    You don’t want to paint something that is too blurry so as much as possible, the image resolution should be a minimum of 1152x1440px. Thus, keep in mind that the fewer background details, the better. Backgrounds shouldn’t be too cluttered so that the painting is subject-focused. Lastly, ensure that the photo has a good brightness, sharpness, and contrast for a better canvas quality. Take a look at the photo below as it is a good photo example for paint by numbers custom kits.

  3. Consider the aspect ratio of your image:

    Since the canvas size at MiiCreative is 40 x 50 cm or 16 x 20 inches, the proper image ratio must be 4:5.

    Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

How to Make Your Paint by Numbers Custom Kits Look Better

  1. Take your time, especially if you’re a first timer. Do not rush the painting process to make sure that the numbers and the colors will correspond correctly.

  2. Work according to the color groups to appreciate the color theory. This can also help you learn which parts to blend and which parts you shouldn’t. Start with the darkest then work your way to the lightest colors.

  3. Keep your reference sheet and take a photo of it so that you have a spare copy in case it gets lost.

  4. Make sure to cover each area with enough pigment so that the lines and numbers can’t be seen underneath. When working with light colors, you can use correction markers to erase the number before you proceed to painting the area. (Do such one at a time so that you won’t forget the number in that particular area).

  5. Paint from the left to right as you work from the top to the bottom. This can help you avoid a situation where pigments smudge onto your hands.

  6. Keep a water container and a couple of rags or tissue papers to make brush cleaning easier when you transition from one color to another.

  7. Close the paint pots that are not in use to keep them from drying.

  8. Dip only the paint brush’s tip when dipping in paint. This can help ensure precision on brushwork.

  9. When you’re done for the day, clean your brushes immediately to avoid them getting too stiff.

  10.  Just work with one number at a time. This also helps in preventing the paints from drying. 

  11. Check your paint's consistency before you start painting. Acrylic paint dries fast and if the paint is too thick to work with, a drop or two of water can change the consistency (use it carefully and sparingly). 

Finishing Your Paint by Numbers Custom Kits

At last you’ve finally made it! You finished your canvas. What now? Well first, make sure that the canvas is completely dried before you decide to do anything with it. To preserve the paint longer, you may use a varnish (available in matte, satin, or glossy finish). Then, you can purchase a frame or ask a specialist to frame your canvas. The work is all done and you can finally display or gift your painting.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit