Flower tied with a ribbon for evergreen hobby

How to develop and pursue evergreen hobbies that could last a lifetime

Flower tied with a ribbon for evergreen hobby

Around this time about a year ago, the world went into lockdown. Almost everyone from every part of the world were stuck in their own homes, with the hopes of the pandemic ending. It did but took almost a full year to recuperate, and everyone had to try their very own best to keep their mental health, and boredom at bay. This included detoxifying from social media, efforts to change bad habits, and trying out new evergreen hobbies. 

woman practicing yoga and mindfulness

Because of their newfound spare time, people had enough hours to devote to self-care, which they used to develop potential evergreen hobbies at home and even attempted different trends on social media. 

But has anyone ever asked themselves if they’re willing to hold on and pursue the hobbies they so willingly tried, once the pandemic is over? If you’re one of the few who’ve decided to push towards self-care and development then it’s time to embrace some good habits! 

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Time Management 

Dedicate a certain amount of time within the day, 15 mins the shortest, even an hour or two to sharpen your hobby. It can be taxing at first, especially if you’re the sort to do things on a whim.

Time management of clock on desk alarm

But once you ease into it, and incorporate it into your daily routine at your own pace, you’ll find it extremely rewarding in the long run. If your hobby involves a lot of physical activity, and you’re crunched up on time, you can instead spend your time learning, researching, and expanding your knowledge about said hobby other than actually doing it. 

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Foundational knowledge will always be important for evergreen hobbies, especially if you want to do it properly. However, it’s best to expand it even more. Evergreen hobbies, no matter how traditional, are evolving along with technology. And if you’re up for a challenge, you better keep up. Don’t let Google intimidate you, Social Media is a great tool for research too! 

close up of photo of books for research


If you’re still starting out, it’s normal to not be very good at something right away unless you’re a genius or a prodigy. But if you’re a normal everyday human being like the rest of us, it may take weeks or even years for you to really master a craft or evergreen hobbies. Don’t worry about committing mistakes and having learning gaps. It happens to the best of us and that’s completely okay! It’s a part of the learning process. Just learn to be patient and watch your progress turn into reward. 

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Have fun and relax! 

Never forget to have fun! Remember, hobbies are done for entertainment, not stress you out even more. Get lost in your senses, relax, and find inner peace through your hobby. And if you want to start developing evergreen hobbies related to art, then head on down to the MiiCreative Store and get your very first beginner-friendly Paint by Numbers kit! 

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