girl scrolling and picking through photos on phone

How to Choose The Best Pictures to Paint

girl scrolling and picking through photos on phone

A lot of people have taken to being more creative while they’re stuck in quarantine, while some people bake, other people choose to paint, and whether or not you’re going for a mural or choosing a smaller canvas, you should work on choosing the best pictures to paint

If you’re not ready to work on a big canvas, you can always order a paint by numbers kit! You’ll notice that companies that provide these services also come with some tips on how to choose the best picture, and how to edit those pictures before you send them in.  

 Custom Paint by Numbers Kit


Tips for Choosing the Best Pictures to Paint:

  1. It has a simple background: Some people fail to realize that painting details in a photo is not as easy. That’s why, when it comes to choosing a photo to paint, you should opt for something that has little to no details in the background so that you don’t spend too much time painting all the minuscule details.
    simple background and clear photo of a flower
  2. Choose a clear subject: Similar to our first tip, the fewer details you have to paint, the easier it will be for you. If you want to focus on a particular subject, then you should take a photo of the person or animal you want as a subject.

  3. Make sure the lighting is optimal: While having a simple background is important, another factor that is essential in choosing your picture, is the lighting. You want to be able to distinguish your subject from your background, but also that they aren’t against the light. You also want to ensure that the photo you use doesn’t have low lighting.

woman taking a bright and clear photo of herself with white dog


  1. Don’t use a filter: A lot of people use filters over the photos they choose to submit, but one thing they fail to realize is that colors don’t translate on the canvas the same way as it would in digital form. It’s better to submit an unfiltered photo as opposed to a filtered photo that isn’t intended for color block style paintings.

  2. Don’t add any stickers: Another thing people enjoy adding to their photos are stickers, and this is unnecessary for some paintings. Unless you have some skills when it comes to painting, you don’t need to make it difficult for you. Avoid adding any stickers or emojis to keep your picture easy to paint. 

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

Why You Should Choose a Good Picture:

Painting is a fun activity to do when you do it to de-stress, and the picture you choose will determine whether or not you will be stressed about the details in the photo. Some people take a lot of time to complete a picture, and the last thing you need is to spend hours perfecting one detail and avoid giving yourself back cramps. 

woman in brown scoop neck painting relaxing in her room

While you might be tempted to choose the cutest picture of your dog, or your family member, we hope you do consider our tips when it comes to choosing the best pictures to paint. It would save you a lot of time when your kit arrives, and give the company you choose less processing time when you order the kit.

Some of the best companies that provide these services will give you the option to choose how to edit your photo, but it’s always best to check and read through guides they provide before you submit your favorite picture. 

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit