How Do You Make Paint-By-Numbers? The Basics

How Do You Make Paint-By-Numbers? The Basics

A lot of ads for paint-by-numbers are coming up, so we have to ask, how do you make paint-by-numbers? We want to help you find out how to paint these kits and the best way for you to enjoy them. 

Paint-by-number kit advertisements have been popping up on multiple social media channels, and we can’t deny that they look interesting. In this article, we want to discuss the answer to the question, “how do you make paint-by-numbers?” 

This is to give tips to beginners who want to try their paint-by-numbers kit. It may seem a little intimidating at first, but these kits will have you rendering professional paintings without having to take a painting class. 

Painting on your own can be intimidating, but we hope that the guide makes it easier for you to start your painting hobby. It can be really fun if you allow yourself to get into it because we’ve read up on the benefits of paint-by-numbers for adults. 

Life is filled with a lot of stress, which is why it’s important for you to have healthy hobbies that will give you a break from your normal routine. Even if you’re not a professional artist, you can become a great artist with these paint-by-number kits. 

Let us know what you think of these kits and if you have plans of trying them out. Aside from that, you can give the kits as a gift to friends or even family.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

Why You Should Try paint-by-number kits

Before we give you the answer to, “how do you make paint-by-numbers?”, we want to discuss why you should try these paint-by-number kits. Here are reasons to try out these kits:

  1. They’re fun: One of the best things we love about these kits is that they’re fun for anyone. They’re fun in a way that doesn’t deplete your energy and allows you to rest from high-stress situations.

  2. They’re great for frustrated artists: Unfortunately, not everyone is capable of creating masterpieces like Leonard Da Vinci or Rembrandt, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t paint. Trying these kits out will let you create a masterpiece without needing to take up art lessons.

  3. They’re good for cognitive function: If you feel like your focus is declining, you need to do things that will improve your motor function. Since paint-by-number kits do require a bit of focus, you should try your best to focus on them while you can.

  4. They can improve your motor skills: Another good thing that comes from these paint-by-number kits is that you have improved motor skills. The best way to finish these kits is with the brushes included, and painting won’t cause too much strain on your wrist.

  5. They’re affordable: Getting into a hobby can be expensive if there are a lot of materials needed. We like paint-by-number kits because they’re affordable, and you can buy multiple without worrying about spending thousands of dollars. 

    Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

How Do You Make Paint-By-Numbers?

Now that we’ve covered why you should get paint-by-number kits, we want to answer the question, “how do you make paint-by-numbers?” It’s actually really simple. The kit was first produced in the 1950s by Dan Robbins, and since then, a lot of people have enjoyed the benefits of paint-by-number kits. 

Here is how to make paint-by-numbers kits: 

  1. Prepare your workspace: You need a comfortable surface to work on because you will be spending some time working on them. A good table with great lighting is preferred so you can see the details of your project.

  2. Get water for your paint: Most paint-by-number kits use acrylic paint as the medium, which is why we’re suggesting you get water. The water is going to be the agent to thin your paint.

  3. Grab some tissues: You’re going to need tissue to clean your brush if you plan on switching colors, or if you need to wipe off excess water from one of the parts. However, if you have multiple brushes, you may not need the tissue to clean your brush. 

Important Key Takeaways

We conclude that these paint-by-number kits are great if you want to get into a creative hobby without spending on an art class. It can be intimidating at first, but we hope that our tips to answer the question, “how do you make paint-by-numbers,” help you decide if you should get into the art. 

We know that a lot of people are looking for good hobbies that are affordable and sustainable, which is why we suggest them to everyone. Let us know what you think of these painting kits and if you plan on getting one for your hobby.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit