How do I Create a Custom Paint by Numbers?

How do I Create a Custom Paint by Numbers?

Creating your custom paint by numbers is an amazing experience for recapturing your images. It's always fun, especially when dealing with your favorite photos. It’s a creative task and helps you to learn the basics of painting. Moreover, it is appealing and convincing knowing that you are painting something you like. Think of paint by numbers as a creative way to get a custom painting of any image.

If you want to amplify your painting skills, creating custom paintings will help you with that. If you are on various social media platforms, you will notice the huge number of people painting with the help of these kits. This gives them a good foundation for simple traits like color combination, using brushes, mixing colors, etc.

It is easy to create your custom painting by numbers, but there are tips you need to learn for a captivating outcome. Before you even ask how to create a custom paint by numbers, you need to choose the photo. Then, prepare your painting and supplies. After all this, you can now get your hands into the painting process. 

This article features how to create a custom paint by numbers. This will include the step by step instructions to get your first personalized painting. It will include tips and helpful tricks to help you.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

Custom Paint by Numbers

For the painting, get inspiration by working on something that you love. This is the goal of personalized painting kits: to help you get back to your favorite memories. Choose a photo from a favorite pet, from your best birthday, a memorable family retreat, and transform it into a perfect piece of artwork through paint by numbers. The good thing is that you can also use your favorite artist's sample work while working on yours then make some changes where necessary.

The good thing about creating your custom paint by numbers is that the artwork will be more relatable to you. Moreover, you get the chance to think outside the box and make different improvements, to create a new look. There are no rules in creating a custom paint by numbers, what works for you is the way to go for any painting.

The steps involved in creating a custom paint by numbers

Now that you have an idea of the usefulness of creating a custom paint by numbers. It will be great to start working immediately. This section will look at every detail needed to design a painting of your favorite photo. A side note is that you don't need to have any prior knowledge about painting or any form of art. This is because everything here will be quite basic and it is something that you can easily learn. Note that below are the steps to take.

Choose your favorite photo

You probably have a gallery full of amazing photos and you are brainstorming on which one to go with. For such, you can choose the best ones of all the photos. Then from these choose one which will inspire you more. Therefore, choose the best one, you can line up the other images or future paintings.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

Here is a list of few things to look for in a photo that will qualify to be the best:

  1.  Choose a photo whose background isn’t too crowded – This is because you will have 24, 36 or 48 colors for every paint by number kit. It would be a good idea to choose a simple photo with less complicated subjects if it’s your first time.

  2. Use a high quality image that will be easier to paint on a canvas. The minimum should be 750 pixels for both the height and width.

  3. Choose a photo with fewer subjects -This is to ensure it fits well on the canvas and for clarity. For instance, if it's a group photo it should contain less than five people.
  4. Use an image with good lighting
    Make sure that the image has a good brightness, contrast, and sharpness in order to have a better aesthetic quality for the final artwork.

Prepare your painting

Now that you have your perfect photo for creating a custom paint by numbers, the next step is to prepare the painting. Here, you will need to get a good paint by numbers kit for your photo. The best-recommended kit is from  Miicreative’s Paint by Numbers Kit.

You will be required to upload your favorite photo and thereafter, you receive the kit. You will get an acrylic paint set, a canvas that will contain an outline of your photo and numbers corresponding to the color for each shape in the outline, as well as a set of three basic brushes.

Side note: When choosing the size or the canvas, ensure it matches the aspect ratio of the image.

Gather the supplies & Set up the workspace

You now have the canvas of your photo, the next step is to start working on your painting.  Now, get your tools ready for work. You will need a paintbrush, mixing palette, good paints that match your picture, a cup of clean water, and paper towels.

Then, set up your workspace. Choose a flat surface and remove anything that is not necessary for the project. A table will work well for this. Ensure it is well-lit and away from interference by family members or a pet.

Now, start painting!

You are now ready to start painting your photo. Don't be in a hurry to do everything systematically. Start by identifying the number with the largest shape and the most dominant color. Then, pick your brush and open the paint container with the indicated number. The reason for starting with large segments is to prevent spilling paint when filling in the small shapes.

Start with one color at a time before proceeding to the next numbered shape. This will prevent the paint from drying up and also ensure maximum utilization of the brushes. Before moving to the next color on the list ensure the previous color dries up. Do this till the last color is painted. And just like that, you will create a custom paint by numbers!

Pro tip: For efficiency, you can decide to paint from the inner to the outer shapes or in a top-bottom design.


Creativity is what you create when you try out new things. Creating a custom paint by numbers can be a great way to do this. This will help you learn the basics of painting and with time, you will reach a point where you will be able to paint great artwork. You can order a Miicreative paint by numbers kit today and start working on your favorite photo.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit