The Cool and Easy Things to Paint on Canvas

The Cool and Easy Things to Paint on Canvas

We have put together a list of some cool and easy things to paint on canvas. Because we believe it does not require you to be a professional artist to churn out the best and most stunning pieces and hang them on your wall. The famous quote from Bob Ross states: “all you need to paint is a few tools, a little instruction, and a vision in your mind.” Moreover, all you need is a bit of practice to showcase your creativity in the world featuring talent and art. With the easy things that we have listed in this guide, you can easily watch yourself become a pro in no time. Let’s go and take a look.

Shallow focus photo of paint brushes

Starting such projects that require creativity is somewhat frustrating. It does not matter if you are a professional artist or just a beginner, everyone is bound to come across this situation. Admit it, grabbing your thoughts and picking your art materials to showcase it on canvas is one of the things that many artists find hard sometimes. We are assuming that you are a beginner and that makes it even harder for you. But worry not, with the painting ideas that are given in this guide, you will find it easy and you will feel motivated to jump-start your project. Before you go ahead and look at those painting ideas, we have got some tips and suggestions for you that we are sure would come in handy for you on your journey to become an artist.

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You should always start with something that is easy to draw, for instance, don’t go ahead and pick something from the professional’s gallery. You should take it slowly and step-by-step. That way, you’ll see your growth as an artist as time goes by. Whether it’s a two-toned sunset or colorful cityscape, here are some cool and easy things to paint on a canvas that would assist you in getting on the right track to becoming a professional artist.


Floral work in art has long been a favorite in this world. They're simple to paint, but the effects are breathtaking. There are several flower types to choose from, each with its own set of shades, shapes, and textures. If it's a dandelion or a sunflower, it will undoubtedly brighten and bring some cheer to your room. You may have seen many artists starting their work with flowers as they are easy to draw and it helps setting up the mood to move on to the next project.

Poinsettia flower plant painting

Paint Pouring

You may have already seen this strategy on YouTube or Instagram, and people have been uploading under the caption “Very Satisfying” and we have to admit, they are pretty satisfying to watch. Get that experience using Acrylic paints, a pouring medium (used to give the paint a looser consistency), and a canvas. Fill the cup with the pigments of your choosing, spill it on the canvas, and tip it afterward. The great thing about paint pouring is that no two results are alike.

Abstract background spills of multicolored paint

Tree silhouettes

There are several tree varieties from which to draw inspiration. When painting tree silhouettes, you can also use various backgrounds, such as the moon, a galaxy, or a basic gradient effect with colors of your choosing.

Painting of person skiing

Splash Painting

This is one of the very easy things to paint on canvas, this technique does not require any prior experience and does not need you to be a pro at all. Begin by splattering the canvas with vibrant colors such as orange and yellow with a brush, or if you're feeling extra adventurous, fill each balloon with a different color and pop them with a needle or a dart (this is ideal for big canvases).

Colorful abstract painting

Quote Art

Place your favorite quote on a canvas to keep yourself motivated. To make your wall sleek trendy, and vibrant yet minimalistic.

Beautiful quote art in cursive

Two-toned sunset

Have you ever painted a realistic sunset? We are sure that you have as a kid tried to snap the image from your little mind. Now it’s time to do it for real. The trick to doing a perfect sunset painting is to use two-toned pigments and mix them together. You may improve the appearance by painting silhouettes of objects like hot air balloons, trees, or mountains.

Person holding black pen on white paper

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Paint a city skyline in your favorite colors to make your favorite city ever more vibrant. This will undoubtedly draw attention to your wall.

City painting illustration

Abstract paintings

When you have no clue what to draw and paint, opt for an abstract style. When doing an abstract drawing, there are no guidelines to obey.

Watercolor color painting


Balloons are very easy things to paint on canvas and represent a wonderful activity for beginners and even children because it is one of the easiest activities to do. You can use your thumb to change the color of the balloon's outline, and you can also paint the sky as a backdrop.

Watercolor balloon painting

Duct Tape Art

Place the duct tape on a canvas in the pattern you want and begin painting in whatever colors you want. When the canvas is totally dry, gently cut the duct tape and you're done! You have a geometrically constructed work of art.

One Useful Tip: Practice

Keep in mind that even if you have found something that you love, it still does not mean that it will come to you naturally. You will always be in need of a little bit of improvisation at every point in life and that is a good thing. That is why it is quite essential that you keep on practicing and keep on shining, while working to become a professional and aesthetic artist.


Now that we have given the list of some of the very easy things to paint on canvas along with the very useful tip at the end, it is now up to you to showcase what you have got. Don’t lose hope if you don’t get it right the first time, such events are bound to happen in your life and you are the only one who can overcome them. Now, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start with the very first thing that is listed in this guide and make your way towards the end. Let the world know that another artist is just right around the corner.

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